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Taylor Swift has probably drawn the ire of Republicans and their supporters after breaking her silence on politics. The 28-year-old singer surprised everyone when she spoke up for the first time about her political affiliation in an Instagram post on Sunday, October 7, in which she expressed her support for Democrats at the upcoming midterm election.

This put to rest the long-running speculation that the country-turn-pop superstar is a Donald Trump supporter, which sparked as she and the president share a lot of the same fan base. While liberals rejoiced at this, the conservatives understandably disappointed that Taylor’s support went to the opposite party.

A Twitter user, who appears to be a Trump supporter, posted, “I just destroyed my Taylor Swift Music CD. I don’t care if a celebrity is a Dem or a Rep, as long as I don’t know. Act, Play your Music, Play your sport; but don’t tell me your politics or try to advocate to me for a candidate. Just Do Your Thing!!”

Another declared that she’s unfollowing Taylor on social media, “@taylorswift13 Bad move. Politics just ruined your career. You picked the wrong side. We are never ever getting back together. Unfollowed.”

“@taylorswift13 I am so disappointed in you. This clearly shows you have gotten your liberal paycheck and never thought I would see the day. Here is another one to end up draining down the tube. Wow. Sick,” read another tweet.

Some others imagined how Swifties’ conservative parents reacted to the news of the singer’s political belief. “they gave her their money and now they are breathing in carcinogen. the devil works hard but taylor swift works harder,” one posted on Twitter.

Other posted memes to mock the disappointed conservatives.

Taylor was previously criticized for staying silent about her political stance during the 2016 presidential election. She ended this with her Sunday Instagram post, in which she stated that she would be voting Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for the House of Representatives. She has been praised by many of her fans for her bold act.

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