Maskless Customers Break Restaurant's Waterline After Being Denied Service

Check out the people who went from jerks to criminals Saturday night after being booted from a Miami restaurant for not wearing a mask.

The party of jerks tried to dine at Ms. Cheezious, a popular restaurant in the MiMo District.  They refused to wear a mask per the owner’s instructions, so they were told to leave. The owner, Brian Mullins, says they were visibly upset as they left.

The group stood outside the restaurant … with a dude lifting a woman with whom he did a 360 for some unknown reason.

The surveillance video shows the 2 men slinking off-camera, and messing with something.  All of a sudden you see water gushing in the air as the group flees.

The 2 men cut the waterline … it forced the restaurant to close until the line was repaired.

So many things. First, what kind of jerks are these people? Second, it’s tough enough for restaurants to survive these days, so to do something like this — OVER MASK-WEARING — is heinous.

Hopefully, someone will ID them from the surveillance video.

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