Marshawn Lynch Grills Dr. Fauci Over COVID Vaccine, Will It F*** Us Up?!

This is incredible … Marshawn Lynch just spent 30 minutes pressing Dr. Fauci on the COVID vaccine and cutting right through the B.S. like nobody else can.

Fauci says he’s on a mission to get more members of the Black and Brown communities to get the vaccination — acknowledging there has been reluctance.

And so, he was willing to sit with Marshawn in a no-holds-barred session to address all of the issues that are keeping people from taking the shot.

It took a minute, but Marshawn asked Fauci, “Can I be myself?” — and that’s when the NFL star opened up … and told the infectious disease specialist everything that’s been on his mind.

Will the vaccine leave me more “f**ked up” than if I just take my chances without it?

Will the vaccine shorten my life expectancy?

The vaccine came out in a year — you sure that isn’t too quick?

Was the vaccine tested on more whites than Blacks? And, if so, how will we know it’s safe for Black people?

Fauci pointed out the Black community has a higher rate of obesity, hypertension and diabetes than whites which could make COVID more deadly for them.

Marshawn responded, “So, what it sounds to me, we have a bigger problem than coronavirus.”

Ultimately, Marshawn sounded like he’s sold on the vaccine after the talk with Fauci — and hopes the Q&A will encourage more people to get it.

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