Mark Zuckerberg Trolled for Using Too Much Sunscreen While Surfing in Hawaii

Twitter users have so much fun making jokes about the Facebook CEO, who looks like a clown with a ton of sunscreen on his face when he’s pictured surfboarding.

AceShowbiz – Sunscreen is a must when one is going on an outdoor activity that exposes the person to direct sunlight. Not willing to put himself at risk of the damages that could be caused by UV rays, Mark Zuckerberg took the essential safety measure by putting on sunscreen when he was surfing in Hawaii.

But the tech genius apparently failed to measure the appropriate amount of sunscreen that he should put on his face. Using way too much of it, the 36-year-old internet entrepreneur looked like a clown with a white makeup when he was pictured hitting the waves on an electric surfboard on Saturday, July 18.

Mark Zuckerberg used too much sunscreen while surfing in Hawaii.

Mark was hanging on the $12,000 Efoil board, which allows users to glide above the water, as he was joined by pro surfer Kai Lenny. His security detail followed behind him on a boat.

After picture of Mark’s excessive use of sunscreen hit the web, Twitter users didn’t miss the chance to mock the Facebook CEO for his appearance, which drew comparison to a supernatural creature in horror movies and Batman villain, Joker.

“He has literally become the embodiment of the zombie monstrousness of his company,” one roasted the billionaire. Another described the visual captured in the picture, “Mark Zuckerberg surfing looks like a horror movie about a mime who terrorizes a sleepy beachfront community.”

“Wait, what’s the issue here? Mark Zuckerberg wears his clown makeup everywhere else he goes, why not while surfing,” another blasted Mark, while a fourth commenter added, “That’s obviously the native skin tone of Mark Zuckerberg’s alien species.”

Also poking fun at it, someone else proposed, “Is it Mark Zuckerberg or is it cake? Let’s cut into him to find out.” Another wrote, “This is worse than that Bigfoot photo,” while one other reminded him, “Memo to Mark Zuckerberg: Sunscreen does not protect from online burns.”

Mark recently came under fire for suing locals who own property close to his massive $100 million estate. Native Hawaiian Mia Brier launched a petition to stop him from “colonizing” Kauai, calling him “greedy.” “Mark Zuckerberg is the sixth richest man in the world … and he is suing Native Hawaiians in Kauai for their land so he can build a mansion,” so she wrote.

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