Madelaine Petsch Joins Emma Roberts & Thomas Mann In ‘About Fate’ Trailer – Watch Now!

Madelaine Petsch, Emma Roberts and Thomas Mann are caught in a bit of a love triangle in the new movie About Fate!

The three co-star in the upcoming rom-com along with Lewis Tan, Cheryl Hines, Britt Robertson and Wendie Malick.

Tiffany Paulsen wrote the screenplay. She also wrote Holidate, which Emma also starred in back in 2020 on Netflix.

Watch the trailer and get more info inside…

Here’s a synopsis: When both of their engagement proposals are a bust, hopeless romantics Margot (Roberts) and Griffin (Mann) find themselves together on New Year’s Eve after a bout of fateful events. Both believing in true love, they set out on a magical and comedic journey together, only to quickly realize that the love they’ve been searching for this whole time might be right in front of them.

Directed by Marius Vaysberg, the film will be out in select theaters and on digital on September 9th!

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