Maddie Poppe’s New Video For ‘Keep On Movin’ On’ Is So Relatable – Watch Here!

Maddie Poppe just debuted her music video for her newest single, “Keep On Movin’ On” and you’ll relate to it so much!

The 20-year-old recent American Idol champ opened up to Brit + Co about the visual, saying that she’s “always had a love for theatrics, and we wanted to portray a story in the video.

“When they pitched the idea for a single, continuous shot for the music video, it was both challenging and exciting. There was a lot of pressure but I knew it would be worth it to see the end result.”

Maddie adds, “My interpretation [of the song] is to keep moving on from the things that hold you back in life. Whether that be people or events or past lifestyles, I think it’s important for people to get back up and keep moving on when the going gets tough.”

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