Maci Bookout: Ryan Edwards is DEFINITELY Back on Drugs!

The sad saga of Ryan Edwards has made for one of the most compelling storylines in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

In the past three years, Ryan has been arrested numerous times, and he's been to rehab twice.

Ryan missed the birth of his son while seeking treatment.

He seemed to hit rock bottom when he was arrested and imprisoned yet again just a few short weeks later.

And yet, now it seems that Ryan may have to sink even lower before he's able to kick the habit for good.

On this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Ryan arrived at his son's birthday party, and according to Maci Bookout, he was "100 percent not sober."

The question now is — what action will Maci take to protect her son?

Take a look:

1.Under the Influence?

2.Fashionably Late


4.Seeing the Signs

5.Sad Situation

6.High at the Zoo?

7.A Painful Struggle

8.A Difficult Decision

9.Opening Up

10.Cause For Concern

11.Assessing the Damage

12.In Need of Assistance?

13.The Vicious Cycle

14.The Ticking Clock

15.A Frightening Prediction

16.Tough Love

17.Off the Wagon?

18.Lack of Evidence

19.The Old Habits

20.Conflict With Larry

21.Playing Favorites?

22.A Crossroads

23.Bentley In the Middle

24.Tough Call

25.An Untenable Situation

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