Love Island's Jamie Jewitt reveals 'dad bod' after four-stone weight gain

Jamie Jewitt opened up about his ‘dad bod’ after revealing four stone weight gain.

Love Island star – who recently welcomed his first child with partner Camilla Thurlow – explained the transformation had spurred on a lifestyle overhaul.

Taking to his Instagram stories, the 30-year-old could be seen smiling as he posed for a mirror selfie.

‘Dad bod diaries! This is me yesterday at 105.5kg. Roughly 16.5 stone,’ he captioned the upload.

In the next slide, the model uploaded a throwback from the ITV2 dating show, which he appeared on in 2017.

‘For those asking. During Love Island I was 80kg. 4stone and 25kg lighter than I am now,’ he continued.

‘I don’t want to be that thin again as personally I feel better a bit heavier. 

‘But that’s a little idea of the difference.’

Jamie has since started offering followers a daily update of his fitness diary, aka the Dad Bod Diaries, as he undertakes daily 5k runs.

‘Off out on the roads….,’ he began the first highlight. ‘I have hit a new personal heaviest at 16.5 stone and to be honest I’m really not happy about that.

‘Time to do something about it.’

In a string of videos, the new dad explained he had received nearly 200 messages from fans addressing his candid post.

However, Jamie insisted that his fitness goal was nothing to do with losing weight.

‘It really isn’t about weight for me,’ he said. ‘What it is about is being at my physical and my mental peak. That’s what it should be about everyone.

‘It’s about being at my physical and mental healthiest and I’m not at that at the moment, I’m far from it. 

‘I can genuinely feel physically, my joints hurt, I’ve had bad knees before, I’ve suffered with bad knees for a lot of my life. But at this weight, I feel it.’

‘I feel it going up and down the stairs, [in] my lungs, I’m getting out of breath quickly,’ Jamie added. ‘For someone who wants to box, I need to get handle on this now. 

‘Christmas definitely played a part in it, having the baby… There’s a lot of things, a lot of reasons,  a lot of excuses I can give for why I gained weight. Doesn’t matter, everything can change. 

‘2020 has been a rough year on a lot of us. Whatever state it has left you in, let’s get out of it.’

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