Living Greek Tragedy Ivanka Trump Tries & Fails To Quote Socrates

Yet another one of Ivanka Trump’s desperate attempts to seem philosophical has resulted in her being mercilessly mocked on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the First Daughter thought she’d motivate her followers with a quote she attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates.

She tweeted:

So inspirational. So not the right Socrates.

Shortly after, Twitter fact checkers pointed out that the phrase wasn’t uttered by the actual Socrates, but by a mysterious gas station attendant character named Socrates in Dan Millman’s fictionalized 1980 memoir, Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Twitics didn’t go easy on Donald Trump’s daughter once the slip up was made.

So, what’s a hapless presidential advisor to do? Poke fun at herself — or at least try to!

Vank later replaced the original tweet with another, winking at her slip-up:

But she shouldn’t have focused on fighting the old, because the internet continued to show her no mercy:

Be better at Googling, Ivanka.

FUN FACT: the Socrates Ivanka quoted was played by Nick Nolte in the film adaptation of the book. So, Ivanka technically quoted Nick Notle…

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