Lily James Comes Out as Possible QAnon Believer, Talks Shamanic Sessions and Dominic West

The ‘Cinderella’ actress talks about possibly believing the conspiracy theory about Oprah and Obama being a part of satanic ring and gushes about one of the married co-stars she’s caught in a scandal with.

AceShowbizLily James‘s new interview with The Guardian raised eyebrows. After sparking scandals with married co-stars Armie Hammer and Dominic West, the 31-year-old British star made yet another headline as she talked about conspiracy theories, her shaman sessions, and one of her rumored lovers Dominic.

When asked about the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Barack Obama being a part of Satan-worshiping pedophiles plotting against Donald Trump, the actress said, “I mean, if I read it for long enough – and also I’m horribly gullible and horribly easy to convince, so if someone talked to me passionately about it – I’d probably go, OK, yeah, absolutely.”

In another part of the interview, she revealed her tendencies towards superstitious beliefs as she recalled joining a shamanic healing session “over Zoom, with music and drumming and a healer who has led me through all these different rooms in my brain where I had all these messages: I met my grandmother’s dog Dylan, who taught me to laugh.”

The “Cinderella” star was also impressed by a fortune-teller she met on Venice Beach in California. “She said some s**t to me that was so right, it was terrifying. But immediately the person I was with said, ‘Come on, Lily, she knows who you are’ which was true, maybe,” she claimed.

The interview carried out before Lily’s scandals with Dominic West and Armie Hammer. While she refused to talk about Dominic in a recent press junket, she heaped praise on the actor, who played her onscreen lover in “The Pursuit of Love“, during her chat with The Guardian as she talked about her first project with the actor a decade ago in the play called “Othello“.

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“So I’ve known him a really long time. He’s a brilliant Uncle Matthew, another mad sort of character. I have a great line in it where I say, ‘Matthew is frightening and I disapprove of him, but I feel he sets the bar for English manhood,’ ” she smiled while gushing about her co-star. “What a great line.”

As she discussed about art and life, she admitted to finding it hard to “explore around the edges” as “things become very moralistic.”

She reasoned, “It’s never black and white, is it? Everything happens in the grey area, and in the colour. I think conversations about things that are difficult can become very much one side versus the other. We’re in a time where I feel things become very moralistic, and then it’s very difficult to explore around the edges.”

Although she didn’t mention her “Rebecca” co-star Armie Hammer, whom she also allegedly flirted with, Lily hinted at the possibility that she might be a bit carried out as she portrayed a “shy girl” who transformed into a “bold woman” in the film.

She confessed, “I think I got a bit sucked into the vortex. I didn’t know which way to turn at times. It was the mindset of the character: it really got under my skin – the insecurities, the questioning herself and the paranoia. I think I let that overtake me a bit sometimes.”

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