Lil Wayne’s Festival Performance Ends Suddenly As Fans Fear They Hear Gunshots & Flee – Watch

Fans just wanted to see Lil Wayne perform, but his concert turned terrifying in a blink of an eye. The show ended abruptly among reports of gunfire, and a dozen people were hurt while scrambling for safety!

One year after the Route 91 Harvest music festival that left 58 people dead, for a brief moment, it seemed the same was unfolding in Atlanta on Oct. 7. Thankfully, it was all a false alarm. Shortly after Lil Wayne, 36, took to the stage at the 2018 A3C Festival, the crowd began to flee from the stage, as someone reportedly said they heard gunshots. Fan videos of the panicked stampede show fans running for their lives out of George Freight Depot. At least twelve people were hurt in the chaos, according to ABC7, but officers ay the victims suffered minor injuries and – there’s no evidence of a shooting.

“It appears that someone in the crowd at the event located in the area of Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and Central Ave. yelled that they heard gunshots,” the Atlanta Police Department said in a statement, per the AJC. “This caused people at the event to attempt to flee the location…at this time we have been unable to locate any evidence to support claims that shots were fired.”

“Sadly, there was an altercation tonight that ended Lil Wayne’s Performance,” the festival’s organizers said in a statement. “We are still collecting information to determine exactly what happened and will provide follow up information as soon as we know more details. Please be assured that the law enforcement officers present have confirmed that there were no weapons involved. This was a very unfortunate way to end what had been an otherwise amazing week of music, friendships, and connections. Thank you to everyone for your amazing support and positive energy all week. We love y’all.”

“Hope everyone at A3C is safe!!” Lil Wayne tweeted afterwards, and it seems that everyone was. “So grateful this ended up not being a shooting – that was one of the scariest things I’ve experienced. Left early because something felt off, as soon as I was out the venue, heard the music cut off, screaming and the whole festival started running,” @Jen_deleon tweeted. “Crowd at @a3c just started stampeding away from the stage, a few min into Lil Wayne’s performance,” music and tech reporter Cherie Hu tweeted. “No one knows what exactly happened—some say a brawl spiraled out of control—but security is now evacuating the entire venue. i am safe and will update as i learn more.”

This incident comes after Lil Wayne’s friend-turned-rival Birdman, 49, was reportedly under investigation for the 2015 shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus. The shooter, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, was given a 10-year prison sentence (and 10 years on probation) for pulling the trigger, but reports claim Birdman is being investigated as possibly being the mastermind behind the shooting.

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