Lil Nas X’s Maury promo is genius, his episode airs on Wednesday

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Say what you want about Lil Nas X but the man is a marketing genius. Remember the Satan sneakers Lil Nas did in which the shoes contained a bit of human blood? The shoes sold out and pearl clutchers had a melt down. Lil Nas has teamed up with Maury to do a promo based on the dramedy in his “That’s What I Want” video. In the promo, Lil Nas introduces his new boyfriend who he then finds out is married to a woman and has a child. Let’s just say shenanigans ensued. A few details via People:

“Montero found the love of his life,” host Maury Povich narrates the promo, which was posted on the show’s YouTube page. “But was shocked to discover Yai was married… with a child. Is Yai the dad? Or will Montero get exactly what he wants?”

Although the teaser appears to be another masterful piece of trolling to promote Lil Nas X’s debut album Montero, it’s stacked with all the Maury-isms that daytime viewers have grown to love. From a scorned wife to an on-air paternity test and an ill-timed marriage proposal, there’s plenty of drama to devour in the 40-second clip.

Lil Nas X first sparked relationship rumors with Ariza in August, noting that he’d “found someone special,” just weeks before they shared some steamy onscreen chemistry in his “That’s What I Want” music video in September. In the video, Ariza’s character turns out to have a wife and child (played by the same actors in the Maury teaser).

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I will forever stan Lil Nas X for his boldness and don’t give a f*ckness. Lil Nas or his handlers or both are marketing geniuses. When I saw this promo, I cackled so loud. The promo looked like it was Lil Nas’s real life and I was impressed at how believable Lil Nas’s performance was. I also love how Maury was willing to get in on the act. I would totally watch this episode because I love a mess. According to the Maury Show’s Twitter, the full episode will air November 17. I want to to find out if the baby is Ariza’s (Montero’s love interest). This promo looks like it is going to have all the hallmarks of a grimy a** Maury show. It’s brilliant to use Maury to expand a storyline that Nas created for a video. I wonder what Lil Nas will do next!

— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) November 11, 2021

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A post shared by MONTERO (@lilnasx)

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