Lela Loren husband: Is Power star Lela Loren married?

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Power may have finished but the story will be continuing with a series of spin-offs. Among them is Power Book III: Raising Kanan, which will see young versions of the characters from the original Starz series. Among the characters to be explored will be Angela Valdes (played by Camila Perez) – however, many viewers of the show are keen to know more about the original actress Lela Loren.

Is Power star Lela Loren married?

Loren has remined fairly private about her romantic life, so not much is known about whether the actress is married or whom she might dating.

Her social media feeds are mainly filled with posts about her work rather than her personal life.

Among her snaps on Instagram are shots with her Power co-stars and colleagues from Altered Carbon.

Power marked Loren’s big breakout role and saw her star in the show for five years as Angela, the love interest to drug dealer James “Ghost” St Patrick (Omari Hardwick).

Ghost and Angela’s love story was at the heart of Power after the kingpin hoped to build a better life for himself with her in it.

Theirs was a romance not fated to last after they split as teen lovers and she departed to go to law school.

Angela’s love for Ghost cost her after she was inadvertently killed in a botched assassination attempt on the drug dealer.

Speaking about Ghost and Angela’s passionate love affair, Loren told People in 2019: “I used to study ancient Greek theater [sic]. ‘Love tragedy’ means only one thing: It’s not going to end well.

“But there’s a preservation of her courage and her heart and her love in her death. That’s what I really loved about it.”

Power was Loren’s biggest role to date after parts in H+, Gang related and The Shield as well as bit parts in the likes of Bull, Lost, Chuck and NCIS.

She also starred in movies such as The Hangover Part III, Reign Over Me and Snitch.

Since featuring in Power, Loren has become known across the globe and most recently starred in Altered Carbon season two earlier this year.

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After initially landing the role of Angela, Loren had to speedily relocate from New York to Los Angeles.

Reflecting on Angela’s tragic demise, Loren told Entertainment Weekly in 2019: “Courtney has always said this was a crime drama and a love tragedy. And you can never forget the word tragedy.

“Whenever you have love tragedy, it means one of them isn’t going to make it.

“And so, for me, I never felt like things were never going to end well, it was just wondering how it was going to go down.

“And I really actually love how it went down, because it speaks to Angela’s heart, and I love that she died protecting the man that she loved, because her pushing Jamie out of the way, that’s not premeditated, that is a split instinctual reaction.

“It shows her courage and her heart, and despite all the things that she’s done wrong, it’s a beautiful gesture.”

The star added: “So for her to go out like that, it’s pretty bad***.”

Since her turn in Power, fans can expect to see much more of Loren as she takes on new projects.

Power seasons 1 to 6 are streaming on Netflix now

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