Learn More About Caylee Blosenski From ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ – Exclusive!

Caylee Blosenski is starring in the brand new Cheaper By The Dozen movie that just premiered on Disney+!

The young actress can be seen playing Harley, one of the 10 Baker kids.

Cheaper By The Dozen follows the blended Baker family as they navigate a hectic home life while simultaneously managing the family’s restaurant. Watch the trailer here!

Keep reading to learn more about Caylee Blosenski inside…

In the movie, Caylee is seen in a wheelchair, and before she signed onto the movie, she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, which led to a leg amputation.

If you missed them, check out photos of Caylee and more at the movie’s premiere earlier this week.

To celebrate the release of Cheaper By The Dozen, now streaming on Disney+, we got to know 10 Fun Facts about Caylee Blosenski!

Check ‘em out below…

  • 1. I started to downhill ski at age 3 and waterski by age 5, and now I love to wakeboard.
  • 2. I started doing theatre at age 5.
  • 3. I would really love to be in a horror film.
  • 4. I qualified for Nationals in Gymnastics.
  • 5. I like interior design – I redo my room all the time.
  • 6. About one month after I was amputated, I did a backhand spring.
  • 7. I did a back handspring on the field during half time at a UW Badger football game 3 months after my chemo.
  • 8. When I get older I would love to travel to other countries – I love to sightsee.
  • 9. When I was a kid my celebrity crush was Ross Lynch. I watched Teen Beach Movie all the time.
  • 10. Don’t judge me, but I used to have a YouTube channel where I made slime videos all the time.

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