‘Last Sharknado’ Star Tara Reid Removed From Flight Before Takeoff For Making A Fuss

Actress Tara Reid was recently removed from a flight shortly before takeoff for causing a ‘disturbance’, as reported by TMZ. The flight was en route to New York City from Los Angeles.

Per the report, the 42-year-old star was aboard Delta Flight 613 when she started complaining about given the wrong seat and not getting a pillow. According to TMZ, Reid also said that she was “cramped in her seat because the woman in front of her had reclined.”

Eyewitnesses said that the actress thought she should get a window seat, so she started complaining. Upon hearing the complaints, the cabin crew tried to “diffuse the situation,” but Reid was loud and outraged and could, therefore, not be tamed.

The plane had already pushed back from the terminal when Reid started complaining, but the pilot decided to turn the plane around and announced that he had to do so because of a “customer service issue”, as reported by TMZ. After stopping the plane, the pilot asked Reid to get off the flight.

The American Pie star complied without resistance and deplaned along with her dog. Once the star got off the plane, the flight took off. Reid boarded a different flight to New York.

TMZ also posted a video on their website which shows Tara Reid getting up from her seat and walking down the aisle of the plane, possibly toward the exit, with her little dog.

Reid wasn’t the first actor who has been removed from a flight, but there are a number of celebrities who have been kicked off an airplane for different reasons.

These include David Hasselhoff who was banned from an LA-bound British Airways flight at Heathrow airport for being too drunk. The incident took place in 2006, according to E! News.

Similarly, supermodel Naomi Campbell was asked to deplane in 2008 after she misbehaved with the entire cabin crew because her bags didn’t make the same flight. She had to be dragged out of the plane by police after she “allegedly kicked and spat at them.”

Other celebs who were deplaned include model Kate Moss, was kicked off a flight by the authorities after she flew into a rage for not being served alcohol; actor and former model Josh Duhamel who refused to comply with flight regulations and threw a tantrum for being asked to turn off his phone. The pilot, like Reid’s case, decided to turn the plane to kick Josh out.

Likewise, actor Christian Slater was taken off a plane and arrested for carrying a gun in his luggage in 1994, as reported by E! News.

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