Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols: Will They Live Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima and boyfriend Eric Nichols have had their ups and downs.

Their on-again, off-again relationship has gone on for more than three years.

They’re currently together, and a lot of fans are rooting for them to stay that way.

But is there a realistic future where Larissa and Eric have a happily ever after? Let’s look at the facts:

In early January of 2019, Larissa Lima had one of the worst nights of her life.

She fled the house that she had shared with Colt Johnson, his mother Debbie, and their cats.

Colt Johnson called the police and, citing a scratch on his lip, had her arrested — confirming her worst fears.

While Larissa was behind bars (albeit only for a few hours), her friend Carmen Nys raised funds for her bail.

In those few hours, Colt removed funds from shared accounts, leaving Larissa with less than $40 to her name despite Cameo money earned from fans.

He would also keep some of her property, including her luggage, and falsely report her phone as stolen.

Larissa came to live with Carmen, bracing for months of her divorce process.

Additionally, with Colt pressing charges against her, she also had to prepare for a criminal trial.

But even after being placed in such a terrible position, Larissa knew that her life had to continue.

As THG reported at the time, Larissa signed up to Tinder, the dating app, by early February of 2019.

She made it clear in her bio that she was not looking for hookups, but for a real relationship.

Later that month, Larissa revealed that she had found a then-unidentified mystery man.

The first images that Larissa shared of her anonymous new partner hid his face, but showed enough of his chest to thirst trap some followers.

It was only the following month, at her divorce party, that Larissa unveiled her boyfriend.

Eric Nichols was a total upgrade from Colt Johnson, and we don’t just mean that he was hot and 26.

Eric actually showered Larissa with affection rather than simply wanting sex with a “blow-up doll.”

Larissa in some ways didn’t realize how much she had been hurting during her 7 months of toxic marriage until Eric showed her human affection.

Sometimes, the wrongness of a situation doesn’t fully hit home until someone treats you with compassion and love.

In addition to treating Larissa like an actual human being and making gestures of affection, there were other perks to dating Eric.

For example, Larissa observed that he did not live with his mother. His car also had air conditioning.

Those may seem like afterthoughts to many in the dating world, but after Colt, it was a breath of fresh air.

Larissa and Eric remained together throughout much of 2019.

This included Larissa’s bitter divorce and her trial, after which she performed community service.

Fortunately, Larissa was not deported, though this would remain a real risk for her for quite some time.

On September 11, exactly 8 months after Colt had filed to divorce Larissa, she and Eric broke up.

It was an unhappy breakup, with Larissa receiving harassment from an unknown woman.

Eric unwisely met up with Colt and Debbie as if to form some sort of Revenge Squad, though nothing of the sort took form.

Of course, Eric would later apologize for his behavior at that time.

Larissa and Eric went on to get back together, as viewers saw on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

By the time that the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America, Larissa and Eric were living together again.

Eric tended to Larissa after two major rounds of cosmetic procedures.

This is no small task, as it takes time (and a tremendous amount of pain) for the body to recover.

Though Larissa paid for these surgeries herself, it’s safe to say that she would not have been able to do them without a caretaker.

In September of 2020, Larissa — just days after being outrageously fired by TLC for a mild CamSoda livestream — and Eric packed up and moved.

They purchased a home in Colorado Springs, Eric’s hometown.

Though Larissa was still recovering from a traumatic detention by immigration officials, they were happily (and legally) on their way.

However, this was not quite the happily ever after that Larissa and Eric had envisioned.

They would break up and get back together at least once even after this.

Realistically, fans may never know how many times this on-again, off-again couple split and reunited.

Right now, when last we checked, they’re back together.

We’re not being shady when we acknowledge that, like any on-again, off-again couple, Larissa and Eric’s relationship status can change at any time.

The two of them have a lot in common … but one of those commonalities is that they are both dramatic, excitable people.

Not all of the sparks that fly between them are amorous. Sometimes, they just make each other angry.

(Fans have noted that it’s worth mentioning, if not surprising, that Larissa has not been arrested for or accused of domestic violence before or since her marriage to Colt)

Even so, given all of the affection that these two have shared, a lot of fans are rooting for them … even if the same is not true of all of Larissa’s friends.

Some fans, even those who like Larissa and Eric both as people, note that together, they seem to have toxic patterns.

Maybe these are patterns of disagreements and division that they can work to overcome.

Or maybe they would be better off as friends, going their separate ways.

Larissa and Eric share a rich and frankly unique history.

They began dating when Larissa had nothing but her friends and fans. They’ve shared reality TV screen time, they both have OnlyFans, and they’ve shared a lot of love.

No one knows what their future as a couple may hold, but we here at THG will continue to follow their story with interest. We’re rooting for them both, whatever may come.

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