Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott named their son Wolf Webster: thoughts?

Kylie Jenner gave birth to her second child on February 2, one day after Stormi’s fourth birthday. Kylie waited a few days before she announced the birth of her son, and it was said that she and Travis were waiting to announce the boy’s name to make sure they really loved it. Some of us (me) suggested weather-adjacent names for the boy, along the lines of Hail, Sleet, Cloud, Snow, or maybe even Ice. But no: Kylie went for an animal name. She named the kid Wolf Webster!

So… thoughts on the name? I’m not as mad as everyone else seems to be? If you ask me, Kim Kardashian’s baby names were a lot dumber. I’m saying that as someone who didn’t completely loathe the name Stormi too. I mean, Stormi and Wolf at least “fit” together somehow, at least in my mind. They sound like comic-book character names. Someone did bring up the fact that Kylie names her dogs super-normal human names though. Kylie has/had dogs named Norman, Bambi, Sophia, Odie, Ernie, Penny, Harlie and Rosie. And she named her human children Wolf and Stormi. Which is just funny.

People Magazine also had a story last week about how Kylie is very hands-on with her kids, but she does have help. Travis is also reportedly “around a lot,” which just brings up the fact that Travis and Kylie have never really lived together. Kylie lives in her home and Travis visits and stays over sometimes. Sources also told People Magazine that Stormi is “doing well” and she’s “very gentle” with her little brother. They’re even letting Stormi hold the baby.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Kylie’s IG.

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