Kody and Meri Brown: The Marriage is “Dead and Over,” Okay?!?

Kody and Meri Brown stopped pretending on Sister Wives this week.

On Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, the TLC personalities opened up about the status of their tenuous three-decade-lonng relationship, with Kody calling it “amicable” — and Meri countering that “it’s dead, it’s over.”

Points for honesty we guess, huh?

The topic was broached after Christine Brown revealed during a family meeting that her Las Vegas house had at last sold, raising the question of when Kody would begin building homes for him and his four spouses on the Coyote Pass property.

It’s been sitting unused for years now. A total sunk cost.

Last spring, the family “got into a squabble,” explained Kody “because it turned out that there was a bunch of confusion.”

He told the cameras:

“I got in trouble for being the one that manipulated everybody into places and I did not do that. That made me look like an ass—- and an idiot.”

Meri ended up as the main victim of this confusion.

Kody placed her house somewhere that Meri didn’t choose or want, which somehow made Kody very angry at his spiritual mate.

From this selfish husband’s perspective, he had “bent over backwards for Meri to keep Meri happy about our location, about her location, about getting there.”

However, although Kody had good intentions, things were miscommunicated… and Meri left the family property visit, which took place four months earlier, “mad at Kody,” she said on air.

Kody and Meri then went over to Coyote Pass to look at the land once again, while Robyn noted of the pair:

“They’re struggling right now.”

Meri herself then admitted that she and Kody’s marriage was in a difficuly spot.

“We ended up going back to Las Vegas to see our therapist, Nancy, and just kind of like, work through our relationship,” Meri said via a confessional.

Cut to flashback footage from two months earlier, during which Kody and Meri sat down with their marriage counselor.

This was when Kody said he wished he hadn’t married Meri and Meri said the relationship was dead.

Back in their current session, Kody told the therapist, “We’re family, but we’re not acting married.”

For Meri, she once again emphasized “the relationship between he and I is gone — it’s dead, it’s over,” she told Nancy.

As for where his marriage stands with Meri right now?

“My relationship with Meri is at best just distant and amicable,” Kody told cameras. “You know, I could buck up … be tough about it, but I’m not interested in it.”

Ouch, right?

Meri blased critics of her romance in a lengthy Instagram post late last year — but we weren’t exactly making up rumors about her marriage’s demise.

Look here at what her own husband said about the union!

Added Kody on the episode:

“For all my marriage with Meri, I’ve felt like she unloads her emotions into a burden that I am supposed to carry. I’m not carrying this burden. ‘Cause there’s no reason that I should…

“I haven’t put relationship effort into that relationship specifically because I have three other relationships that are rewarding and wholesome and with children that need me, need to see me.”

Editor’s Note: This. Guy. Sucks.

Expounding on the status of their relationship, Meri said that she is “really careful about pushing Kody because I don’t want him to feel like I’m being demanding or pushy or anything like that.

“So I feel like I’ve made it known to him enough where I want the relationship to go as far as just moving forward and just starting to figure things out.”

She basically shrugged her shoulder and then conceded:

“It’s best to like, leave the ball in his court.”

Meri, of course, was Kody’s first wife.

But then they divorced in 2014 so that Kody could marry Robyn and legally adopt her kids from a previous relationship.

There’s been extreme tension ever since, with fans begging Meri to just up and leave Kody already.

We’re guessing those cries grow louder after this revealing episode.

Speaking for both himself and Meri, Kody told cameras on Sunday’s installment that “neither of us see real value in the relationship.

“Because if Meri and I really wanted to be together, we would.”

Observing Kody and Meri’s relationship, Robyn said it “really sad and hard to see,” adding:

“I love them both. I’ll do what I can to help them. Their relationship really does have an effect on the rest of the family.”

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