Kimberly Walsh confesses Girls Aloud’s biggest secrets – from hilarious mishaps to an unlikely celeb superfan

Kimberley Walsh exclusively revealed the gender of her third child with OK! this week and has now sat down to look back on her successful career as a member of Girls Aloud.

The former pop star has now shared stories from her time touring with the band, which was made up of Kimberley, Cheryl, Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding, before they officially split in 2013. Kimberley also lifted the lid on who their most unlikely celebrity superfan was as she shared her confessions with VIP Members.

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After sharing the special news that she is expecting her third boy with husband Justin Scott, the former Girls Aloud star, 39, shared her memories from her time in the chart-topping girl group.

In one of the funniest revelations, Kimberley tells the story of what went down during rehearsals for their second tour.

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“We got lowered down from the ceiling of the arena in a cage and on our first rehearsal, our first technical rehearsal of it, the whole cage lowered just on one side and not the other, she explained.

Kimberley laughed: “Honestly I wish still to this day that we had a camera on all of us in that moment because it was hilarious, I felt like I stayed quite calm but believe me some of the girls were not so calm.”

The Sound Of The Underground singer revealed that life hasn’t always been glitz and glam, however, as she spoke on her most embarrassing moment on stage.

“Back in the really early days, like playing all the unis, and singing our hearts out as they throw money at us, you know plastic cups, you realise you’re not quite living the dream yet,” the stunning blonde revealed.

Kimberley, who is 30 weeks pregnant, went on to tell OK! that the group’s most unexpected celebrity fan was Chris Martin. “We were just really quite thrilled when we found out that he was actually a fan of our music,” the mum-of-two revealed.

She added: “He actually invited us to support him at Wembley stadium and it’s still probably one of our biggest claim to fames.”

To hear more of Kimberley’s Confessions, watch the exclusive video above!

Here, Kimberley opens up to OK! about adding another boy to the fold, her hopes of having a natural birth and how proud she feels of her bandmate Sarah Harding as she battles cancer…

Congratulations on having a boy! How did you feel when you found out the news?

My sister [Sally] has three boys and she’s pregnant, she’s a month behind me with her fourth boy, so in my head I could only imagine having another boy. It would have been a shock having it the other way around! It felt right that it was a boy, because we’re going to have seven between us. It’s a nice surprise that we’re basically going to have our own football team.


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You didn’t find out the gender with Bobby and Cole. Was it nice to find out this time round?

With the other boys, we wanted it to be a surprise and something to look forward to, and to keep you guessing. But I think there’s been enough surprises this year. So it would be nice to prepare a bit before they come and also the kids kept asking me every day. The scan was nice, it’s weird when you know they’re about to tell you [the gender], as I’ve never found out before. Justin was able to be there and we were just excited to tell the boys. They’d been saying how much they wanted a boy and another member of their crew. We waited until our shoot to tell them, as we thought it would be more of an event. It was hard to keep it under wraps.

Tell us about the moment they found out…

I could not have hoped for a better reaction. It was amazing. Both of their faces when they registered it’s a boy and it sinks in – they were so elated and jumping around and making snow angels in the blue confetti. They were jumping up and down screaming. Bobby was convinced he knew. We got in the car and they FaceTimed their cousins straight away.

Is Justin happy that it’s a boy?

He would have been happy either way. We’ve got Chloe, Justin's daughter, so we’ve already got a girl in the family. I’m not completely outnumbered, which is actually quite nice. We’re more like, “What can this little boy bring to the family and how will it change the dynamics of everything?”

Justin wasn’t allowed to be there for the 12-week scan due to Covid restrictions. Was it nice to have him there for the 20-week scan?

Yeah, it was. As well as finding out the sex, there’s so much other stuff you find out and it’s such a relief to find out everything seems to be as it should. I’m glad he was there for that. That’s when you start to get excited. There’s always worry and you never stop worrying. But it’s nice when they tell you everything seems to be as perfect as it can be at that point.

How do you feel about having a house full of boys?

I always grew up with loads of girls, so I never imagined I’d be so outnumbered by boys. I always said I wanted a cheeky little boy and I made the mistake of telling my boys that, and Bobby always says, “Well, you wanted a cheeky little boy and now you’ve got two.” They’re typical boys in a lot of ways and have got a lot of energy, but they are also very sensitive and so caring and loving. That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Bobby is six going on seven, and he still gives me massive hugs all the time. You do get a lot of love from boys. I’m such a cuddly person and I love that they need me. I love that, to them, I can do no wrong.

At this rate, they could start their own boyband…

They could. I’m sure that’s where it’s going to be heading. They’re not really into football, they’re a bit more creative and perfomance-y, so I think a boyband is highly likely!

Do you have a close relationship with Chloe?

Yeah, I really do. I’m so lucky. She is the most amazing stepdaughter I could wish for. People I’ve chatted to over the years have some horror stories with their step-parents and how hard that can be. She’s honestly the most lovely girl and it’s never been that way for us. It’s always been so easy. She comes on holiday with us a lot, and generally the boys are off being boys and playing in the pool, and me and her are sunbathing with cocktails. It’s quite nice. Justin loves that we got on so well and we have so much in common. I do feel slightly less outnumbered when she’s around.

Are you worried about any jealousy from the older boys when the little one arrives?

They’ve both been mummy’s boys the past few months and I don’t know whether that’s because of lockdown or if there’s an element of knowing another baby is coming along. Cole is very much a mummy’s boy, more so than Bobby. I think it’s part of the reason I left a bigger gap, because I knew that Cole wouldn’t have been able to cope with it when he was too little. But they’re so excited to have a little brother.

Now you know the gender, are you closer to picking a name?

I was hoping that I would be but I still have no idea! I’ve got a few weeks now to come up with a good list and I’d like to have at least two, so that when I see him I can say, “That’s definitely what he is.” We like to have a J in the name, so either the first or middle name will be a J of some sort.

Have you had any thoughts on a birthing plan?

Well, I ended up being induced with both of the boys, because neither of them played ball and came on time. With this one I’m hoping I might not have to be, so that I can see what it’s like without that. The labour is quite intense when you’re induced, so I’m thinking it would be nice to have a slightly more natural labour. I’m not going to make any major plans because I know they decide to do their own thing, as and when they come.

You’ve been working out during your pregnancy. Has that helped?

I do feel really good this pregnancy. It’s definitely the easiest one so far at this point. With Bobby, I broke my arm halfway through and I completely stopped doing anything. With Cole, I was a bit better, but we were still in a busy work/life balance, so working out was the thing that fell by the wayside. But this time, where we’ve got nothing else to do [due to the lockdown], I’m doing it for health and strength. To keep strength up throughout seems to be helping a little bit and I feel like I’m doing quite well to be so active.

Other than your bump, how has your body changed?

You retain so much water, so you do look different. I don’t have one of those bodies that stays the same, just with a bump. I’m probably the smallest I’ve been [during pregnancy] but that’s probably as it’s my third time and I’m looking after two kids, running around and not overeating as much as before [laughs]. You get boobs instantly and I never have them at any other time. It’s just getting used to those changes. But I don’t get obsessed with that.

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You look amazing!

It’s a time to enjoy and savour every moment, because with all the hard parts of pregnancy, it’s the most amazing thing. Because I had a gap between Cole and this baby, I’m appreciating pregnancy again. It’s over before you know it and I’ll probably never do it again.

You said before that this baby would probably be your last. Is that still the case?

People just assume you’d want to try until you have a girl and that’s not the case with me. If you have more than two children, they think you’re crazy, unless you’re trying to have the opposite sex. Actually, I’m one of four and I just wanted a bigger family. I feel like it’s complete now. I want to share this baby with the boys and for them to have this experience. It feels right. We’ve got Chloe as well, so I’ve got my wish of four.

Your close friend and bandmate Sarah Harding, who is fighting breast cancer, recently released her autobiography, Hear Me Out. You must be so proud of her…

I’m really proud of her. I don’t need to explain anything now and it’s nice she’s got her book out and it can all be from her own mouth. It’s been a really tough year and she’s honestly the most amazing woman. I’m so happy with the reaction to the book and how much the fans came on board and downloaded her songs to give her a boost. It does have that impact and we’ve always had the best fans in the world, and they’ve always come out when they’re needed – and they did this time. I know everybody wants to send her that love and I’m constantly trying to pass that back to her.

Hopefully, Sarah can meet the baby soon and that will give her a boost…

Yes, that would be great if we can make it work. Covid has meant it’s been really tough for us to make plans, particularly when she has needed to shield. But she’s desperate to come and see the boys, and as soon as she’s ready that’ll be the first thing we will get in the diary.

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