Kim Kardashian’s secret talent: She is a fine art buff

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The 52-year-old, originally from New Jersey, has taken the art world by storm in recent years with his Erotic Allure exhibitions in New York. And the striking work at his New York-based studio even caught the eye of Caitlyn Jenner two years ago – who promptly introduced him to Kim, 39. Mark, speaking ahead of his Erotic Allure Volume 5 exhibition, revealed that contrary to what many believe – Kim has a keen interest in fine art.

He said: “Caitlyn was in New York a couple years ago for a promotional opening at Saks 5th Avenue and actually stopped by my exhibition.

“She was very cordial and showed my work to Kim who said she was totally in love with the colours.

“She was interested in the pieces that only art lovers normally appreciate. You can tell that she’s got real taste and can appreciate really fine art.

“That might strike some people as odd because she’s a reality star but I think that’s all nonsense.

“She’s a feminist, a businesswoman, a mother and she’s also got the taste of a fine art critic. She doesn’t seem to shout about it though and keeps it secret.

“Why can’t you be more than one thing in life? Just because she was on a reality show doesn’t mean she can’t have other talents.

“I was blown away by how she received my work. So many people claim to love art but she genuinely does.

“One day I would love to see some of her work – someone with such refined tastes should create their own masterpieces in my opinion.”

Marko, whose Erotic Allure Volume 5 will feature multimedia works including paintings, sculpture and video pieces, also said that since being endorsed by the Kardashians he has gained numerous other celebrity fans.

These include Boy George, Debra Messing, Billie Eilish, Melissa and Etheridge RuPaul.

This has also had the knock on effect of making his work sell for vastly more.

He said: “After the Kardashians and other celebrities took an interest in my art other celebrities also became fans and started talking about and collecting my works .

“This has increased interest in my work among art dealers, galleries and collectors greatly so sales and their value have gone up greatly.

“It’s great for my bank balance but I didn’t become an artist to become rich. I do it because I love it but the recognition is great.

“I love all my fans and appreciate all the support they give me.”

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