Kim Kardashian Gets Sexy In Teeny Tiny Chanel String Bikini

Now, THIS is the tiniest bikini we’ve ever seen! Kim Kardashian revealed what might just be her sexiest photo to date on October 5! She modeled a barely there vintage Chanel bikini and we can’t believe our eyes…

Well, this is NSFW! Kim Kardashian, 37, had eyes all over the world bulging on October 5, when she posted a nearly nude closeup bikini shot of herself. “Chanel vintage, lets please be specific,” Kim captioned the photo of her string swimsuit. The black two piece, which featured white Chanel symbols, only covered her nipples, leaving the rest of her breasts exposed.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was in a kneeling position when she snapped the photo. Kim opted to keep her face out of the shot, with only her long, dark locks down and wavy. Her incredible abs were on full display along with her chest and thighs. Check out the full photo, below!

Earlier this week, Kim teased the tiny two-piece in a another Instagram selfie. However, the photo only showed a portion of the bathing suit top. She posed seductively with her tongue out, while laying on a bed. “Monday mood,” Kim captured the selfie, which featured a lazy facial pose.

Kim Kardashian posts a Chanel bikini photo on Instagram, October 5, 2018. 

While Kim is no stranger to stripping down for the camera, her sultry snaps still make us do a double-take. And, we’re sure the same goes for her 118 million Instagram followers.

The photo comes after Kim issued an apology for “insensitive” comments she made comparing her weight loss to an eating disorder. Back in July Kim posted behind the scenes videos from Sunday’s If Only charity poker tournament to Instagram Stories with her sisters Kendall Jenner, 22, and Khloe Kardashian, 34. One video captured Kendall, who made a comment about how thin Kim looked.

“No, like, I’m really concerned, I don’t think you’re eating,” Kendall said in one clip. “You look so skinny.” Kim was clearly thrilled over the comment and replied with “what?!” before telling her younger model sister, who is naturally thin (Khloe added), “thank you!”

“My purse is as tiny as you,” Kendall joked. “I’ve never seen a skinnier person in my life than Mrs. West,” Khloé added. Kim was eating up the comments left and right, and was overjoyed when Khloe claimed she looks “anorexic” in the waist, with “pin-thin” arms.

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