Kerry Katona defends onstage rant against ex-husbands and Atomic Kitten

Last weekend, Kerry Katona sparked ‘meltdown’ concerns after launching into an expletive filled rant whilst onstage.


More: Kerry Katona launches foul mouthed rant at her ex-husbands and ‘toxic’ Atomic Kitten

‘Ok let me clear up the horrendous story saying I had a meltdown on stage!! I was performing at an over 18 gay bar!! I wasn’t having a go at anybody I was telling jokes I have done stand-up comedy before,’ she said.

Kerry then added: ‘I always do it at my PAs yes it is crude also very funny the crowd loved it I also took the p*ss out of myself its called comedy!!’


Kerry’s routine reportedly took swipes at a range of people from her past and present.

Speaking to the audience, Kerry reportedly said: ‘Do you all know my husbands? ‘Cos I haven’t got a f***ing clue.’

Then, speaking of her brood of five, she added: ‘Honestly, I’ve got five kids. They go, “Mummy, who’s my daddy?” “Well I don’t know, go Google it on OK! magazine”. I’ve got five kids – I don’t even like kids.’

After laying into her trio of former husbands, Kerry went on to slam former Atomic Kitten bandmates Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon – calling them ‘Toxic C***s’.

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