Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Emily Simpson & Elizabeth Vargas: All FIRED From RHOC!! [Report]

The expectations of a major casting shakeup for The Real Housewives of Orange County can barely be called “rumors.”

The calls for it are almost universal, on Twitter and from Andy Cohen himself.

Just about everyone expects to see Kelly Dodd get fired, including Kelly herself.

But according to a new report, Kelly won’t be the only one to go.

It’s sounding like a veritable Red Wedding — better make that Orange Wedding — at Bravo.

Instagram account Deauxmoi, which is a stellar track record when it comes to accurate leaks and predictions, just shared some groundbreaking news.

If true, it’ll be fast to list the stars who are returning to RHOC than to list those that are leaving.

“RHOC shakeup is coming Kelly, Braunwyn, Emily, and Elizabeth are out,” the screenshotted DM shares.

“Tamra {Judge} will be back,” the message continues, “Heather [DuBrow] and Alexis [Bellino] said no.”

“They’re trying to get Gretchen [Rossi] and her rich Newport friends,” it detailed, “but **Gretchen [Rossi] **won’t return if Tamra’s still on the show. Anon, please.”

That means a farewell to Kelly Dodd, to Braunwyn Windham-Burke, to Emily Simpson, and to Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

There are good reasons for each of those.

If this very believable report is true, the only returning stars will be Gina Kirschenheiter and Shannon Beador.

Before we get into a blow-by-blow of each of the Housewives, we should note that Andy Cohen foreshadowed this shakeup last year.

Writer Evan Ross Katz tweeted that it was “time to cancel RHOC,” and The View villain Meghan McCain replied “yes.”

At that time, Andy chimed in with: “I think you mean reBOOT.”

Obviously, a true reboot would feature an entirely new cast following the same premise. This is a shake-up.

We can hardly blame Andy for misusing the term, if that’s what he was doing, since it seems like popular culture learned the word in 2012 … but not the definition.

If a show comes back years later with a similar cast, it’s a revival. If a show or film is emulated, it’s a remake. Look at me, being pedantic.

We’ll talk about Kelly Dodd first, because she was the most obvious one to need to go.

Though she will of course blame “cancel culture,” the favorite rallying cry of people who say and do awful things and don’t want accountability.

The truth is that she spread misinformation and lies about the COVID-19 pandemic, repeatedly mocked the death tolls, and needed to go.

Kelly and her stans have tried to characterize this as some sort of political conflict.

(In one jarringly bizarre moment at the Reunion, Kelly, enraged by being confronted with her own wrongdoings, accused Andy of being “anti-American”)

The COVID-19 pandemic was politicized, but it’s not political. What she did was wrong, objectively, and she threw a hissy fit when confronted about it.

Up next is Braunwyn Windham-Burke, who was once the undisputed shining star of last season.

Her sobriety journey and the openness with which she embraced it all was an inspirational story.

Seeing Braunwyn come out as a lesbian after that was undeniably a wonderful thing, as well!

Until she threw it all way.

Braunwyn is interesting, eccentric, and has a lot of story potential. She could have been a major fixture in the franchise.

All that she had to do was … not commit domestic violence by hitting her husband, Sean Burke. It’s not in question — she admitted it on camera.

Sean has defended her, but most of us are all too aware of how common that is. Domestic violence is unacceptable, always. 

Up next is Emily Simpson, who initially charmed fans with her relatability and elicited sympathy by having a grouchy husband.

The thing is that Emily’s role in this past season was fairly forgettable.

If she’d really wanted to pique viewers’ interest with a multi-season storyline, she could have gotten a divorce … but that’s probably not a good reason to end a marriage.

Finally, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas was a newcomer to the series.

Part of the reason to bring her on was because she was Kelly’s friend, but she could have made a tremendous splash on her own.

She didn’t really. Nobody really hates her, a few fans like her, but in reality TV, it would be better to be widely hated than almost forgotten.

Gina Kirschenheiter was an absolute beacon on Season 15, despite the season’s issues.

She was relatable, she’s so real in ways that some Housewives don’t necessarily feel, and she had such a sympathetic storyline of struggle and growth.

From her no-nonsense approach to clapping back to Kelly Dodd over white supremacist monuments to her facial reactions at the Reunion, Gina is a keeper.

Shannon Beador, meanwhile, is now the longest-running Housewife who’s still on the show.

She’s had her ups and downs, both in her personal life and with the fan base, but she’s been a rock among this cast for years.

She hasn’t had any major f–kups, isn’t boring, and serves as an anchor for longtime viewers to feel like they’re not watching a room full of strangers.

It is common sense that Shannon would remain part of the show.

It has long been expected that Tamra Judge will return to the show. We would like to see it.

She’s no longer friends with Shannon, but Kelly isn’t there to be buddy-buddy with Shannon or to be Tamra’s frenemy. How will that dynamic sort out?

Tamra isn’t a fresh face to the series, but that could work to her advantage as the show adds new blood. Viewers feel like they already know her.

Obviously, we cannot verify this report, and while it is very believable, that doesn’t mean that it’s true.

It could easily be a trial balloon, leaked deliberately to gauge fan interest.

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But after Season 15’s rather abysmal ratings (part of which due to a boycott over Kelly), this sounds like a welcome change.

Bring on the reign of Gina!

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