Katya Jones and husband Neil have third person living in their marital home

Strictly Come Dancing star Katya Jones’ marriage has come under scrutiny this week after she was caught sharing a drunk kiss with Seann Walsh.

And after her husband Neil forgave her for the indiscretion, another unusual element of their relationship has come to light.

Because the devoted pair share their marital home with another person.

And after the drama of the last week, the pair must have enjoyed having a third person around for support.

Because they share their house with former Strictly winner Joanne Clifton – the professional who danced Ore Oduba to victory in 2016.

The trio first opened up about their living arrangements last year when Joanne tweeted her joy for Katya’s Strictly win with Joe McFadden .

"Little do people know that @Mrs_katjones and I live together …. of course along with @Mr_NJones and Crumble [the dog]…. we now have 2 GLITTERBALLS IN OUR HOUSE!!" she tweeted.

"From 2 consecutive years! So proud! We’ve named the house GLITTERBALL HOUSE!!!"

After her win with Ore, Joanne left Strictly to work in the West End and is currently starring in a touring production of The Rocky Horror Show.

A defiant Katya insisted her marriage to husband Neil was "absolutely fine" when she appeared on It Takes Two last night.

Friends of the couple said her kiss with Strictly Come Dancing partner Seann Walsh won’t dent her "solid" 10 relationship to her fellow pro.

However, sources say the Russian dancer, 29, treats her husband like a "dogsbody" and he will never leave her, according to The Sun .

According to pals, Katya "completely wears the trousers" and Neil, 35, is happy to attend to his wife’s demands.

A friend the paper: "It’s a very odd relationship. A lot of us feel quite sorry for him, but she’s called the shots for so long there’s no way he will break up with her."

Neil and Katya have been together for 10 years after being teamed up at a Blackpool dance contest and went on to marry in August 2013.

When the photos of the beauty kissing Seann were published on Sunday, she insisted she "loves" her husband and her drunken one-off mistake was not a reflection of their relationship.

Earlier this week, a Strictly source told the Daily Mail that Neil is very attentive on set to his wife and almost acts like her assistant.

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A Strictly source told the Mail: ‘Neil is very popular with people on Strictly. Katya is a little reminiscent of Kristina Rihanoff in that she is uber competitive and very flirty. Neil is just a nice guy. He follows her around, holding her handbag and bringing her drinks."

However, both of them have admitted that Katya is the boss in their relationship.

In a joint Radio Times interview earlier this year, Katya admitted she was glad her husband didn’t have a celebrity partner because he can help out more around their home in Wembley, north-west London.

She said: "I’d come back exhausted, you’d be there, ready to make me dinner."

Neil interjected: "I was the house husband!"

Katya continued: "Yeah, fill up the bath for me, talk me through everything. It’s nice to have someone supporting you when you come back home."

In May, German-born Neil paid tribute to his wife on her birthday on Instagram as "still as crazy, creative, smart, loving and bossy 10 years on".

Meanwhile, Katya has referred to the physical differences between them – she with her mix of Russian and Korean heritage and her husband’s pale complexion and ginger hair.

She said previously: "I have conversations with the other Strictly girls and they asked me who was my weird crush. I tell them I married my weird crush."

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