Katy Perry Says Boyfriend Orlando Bloom Is Her Life’s ‘Anchor’

The singer discusses her happy relationship with the actor in a new interview.

Katy Perry seems to have finally met her perfect match. The pop singer described her boyfriend, actor Orlando Bloom, as her “anchor,” reports People. Bloom and Perry were together for a year before parting ways in February 2017. They reunited earlier this year, having been spotted together in the Maldives in January and have appeared stronger than ever—strong enough to the point that rumors of an engagement have begun circulating! A source told People that Bloom has been “talking about the future.” Needless to say, it seems like the relationship is going just great this time around!

Perry feels that this solid relationship really helps ground her.

“My boyfriend, [Orlando Bloom], is a great anchor,” she explained. “For some reason, I attract people who are really real and call me out on stuff when I’m being cuckoo.”

This is a good thing for Perry, as she has discussed struggling with her mental health recently. Having people like Bloom in her life is helping her to practice self-care.

“I’ve done a lot of work lately in the past year on my mental health, on my spiritual and emotional side. Now I’ve been trying to find the balance and not overindulging, just trying to stay grounded. My sister lives right next door to me, and my family is not really fazed by anything. They’re proud of me, but they don’t put me on a pedestal — everybody is pretty normcore.”

Along with fostering “normcore” relationships, Perry has taken time to “chill” by taking a break from her robust music career and focusing on other things that are important to her, like raising money to help find a cure for breast cancer. She plans to appear on QVC on October 10 to help sell an entirely new line of designer shoes, three of which are specifically designed for Perry’s own personal footwear line, Katy Perry Collections. Eighty percent of the proceeds will go toward breast cancer research.

Perry certainly appears to be surrounding herself with positivity, not just by supporting causes she cares about but also engaging in happy, healthy relationships. She even flew to London for a mere 24 hours so she could see Bloom perform in the play Killer Joe. Bloom is equally supportive of his girlfriend, having been spotted at Perry’s concert in Tokyo that occurred in March. They both seem fully dedicated to each other and completely in love, so who knows? Maybe those engagement rumors aren’t too far off the mark!

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