Kate Middleton 'Can’t Wait' To Meet Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Daughter – But Why Hasn't She Already??

Can Lilibet Diana help mend the royal rift?

Before the birth of their daughter, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spent some time rocking the royal boat by calling out “The Firm” for racism and lack of mental health support, both in their Oprah tell-all interview and Harry’s AppleTV+ show The Me You Can’t See. Apparently, the Sussexes’ relationship with Queen Elizabeth II has remained solid, but things have been frostier with dad Prince Charles and brother Prince William.

Stuck in the middle (no pun intended) was Kate Middleton, who reportedly has tried to act as peacemaker between her husband and his younger sibling. Some hoped that their grandfather’s death might bring them together, but beyond staying civil for Prince Philip’s funeral, the tension doesn’t seem to have subsided. So can Lili’s birth do anything to fix the broken relationship?

Well, the future Queen Consort didn’t give much away, but she did comment on her niece during an event with First Lady Jill Biden. Asked about the new baby, Kate responded:

“I wish her all the very best. I can’t wait to meet her. We haven’t met her yet, so hopefully that will be soon.”


Now, the military vet relocated his family to Santa Barbara, CA, so of course none of his British family members have actually “met” the newborn. But the Queen has met her great-grandchild (and namesake) via FaceTime, so the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could have had the same opportunity.

Except when a reported questioned if she’d FaceTimed with Archie’s parents, the 39-year-old admitted:

“No, I haven’t.”

WOW. We knew things between Will and Harry were bad, but to not even virtually introduce his brother to his new baby A WEEK LATER is next level. (This is assuming the future King didn’t get a solo call from the Sussexes WITHOUT Kate — but we doubt she would have missed that, right?) And if Will got snubbed for a video chat, we wonder if their father has “met” her yet, either…

Charles did sort of give Lili a shoutout during a recent tour of a BMW factory (of all things), saying:

“The development of technology like electric vehicles … is vital for maintaining the health of our world for future generations, something I am only too aware of today, having recently become a grandfather for the fifth time. Such happy news really does remind one of the necessity of continued innovation in this area — especially around sustainable battery technology — in view of the legacy we bequeath to our grandchildren.”

Not exactly the gushing words of a grandpa who just laid eyes on his grandchild for the first time.

Welcoming their second child into the world should be a joyful time for Harry and Meg, but it must be painful, too, if they’re not even sharing this moment with half of their family. We really hope this can be resolved in everyone’s best interest.

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