Kanye West’s Team Wants Jenifer Lewis To Help With His Mental Health

If anyone has seen some shit, it’s Jenifer Lewis. “The Mother Of Black Hollywood” was the OG Effie White in Dreamgirls before they handed the part to Jennifer Holiday when it moved to Broadway. Jenifer has been in Murphy Brown, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and was even Whitney Houston’s mother in The Preacher’s Wife. Honestly, I would have that as the top item of my resume and just rest on my laurels, but Jenifer is still at it – playing the grandma on black-ish and being pretty frank about coping with bipolar disorder and sex addiction. It sounds like Kanye West’s people see how Jenifer is one bad ass chick, and they want her to impart her wisdom on the dude who signs their checks.

The New York Times (via Page Six) sat down with Jenifer, who has a new memoir unshockingly called “The Mother Of Black Hollywood” since she could teach a masterclass on the subject. Jenifer says 17 years of therapy have helped her embrace her mental illness, and that’s why Kanye’s people think she could help him out. He’s been known for some pretty erratic behavior as of late that’s strayed well beyond just “Oh that Kanye’s so goofy!” shit. See: slavery was a choice. No, not marrying Kim Kardashian. I’m not THAT mean. OK, fine. Yes, I am. Anyway, Jenifer snitched that Kamp Kanye wants her to talk some sense into him despite him saying he’s not bipolar and just sleep deprived. Sure, Jan:

“Someone in Kanye’s camp is trying to get me in a room with him. I know what mental illness looks like, and I know that if a person is not ready to get help, they won’t. I hope that he gets himself well. Nobody is better or worse than anyone else. This is not something to point your finger at and laugh. The only thing you can do for anyone else is to share your story of well-being.”

I agree that it isn’t something to laugh at, but you know Pimp Mama Kris is orchestrating for this to actually happen in front of cameras.

Jenifer is apparently having to carry the weight of Tinseltown, so they asked her what her thoughts were on her friend Bette Midler saying women are the “N-word of the world.” Jenifer basically said Bette is the only person on her level, and people need to chillax:

“I talked to Bette, and I just told her to keep doing what she’s doing because everybody in the world knows how much of an activist she is, how wonderful she is…We’re all on edge, and we all make mistakes, but when you’re a Bette Midler or a Jenifer Lewis, you’re forgivn. End of story.”

I like that rule. Anytime I want to be an asshole, I’m going to do it in Bette drag. It’s the new get out of jail free pass!

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