Kanye West Will Strike Custody Deal with Kim Kardashian or Go to Court

Kanye West has now lawyered up to handle custody issues in his divorce, and we’re told this will end up before a judge, unless he reaches some agreement with Kim.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Kanye’s lawyer, Samantha Spector, is making custody job #1. As we reported, Kanye groused over the weekend again that Kim is not letting him see their kids when he wants. That’s certainly not the way Kim sees it … she has welcomed her ex-husband’s involvement in their kids’ lives and wants him to spend time with their 4 children, and claimed he picked them up for school Monday.

Here’s the issue. Up until now, there has been no formal arrangement for custody. They have tried working it out amongst themselves. When Kanye’s in town and wants to see the kids, she’s game, unless the kids are in the middle of something else.

But there’s clearly a conflict, and it’s getting worse. We’re told Spector will first try to establish something more formal between Kim and Kanye, but if that doesn’t happen she’ll go to court and ask a judge to impose ground rules for custody and visitation.

Here’s the rub. Kanye travels frequently outside of L.A., and it’s hard to formalize a custody arrangement when schedules keep changing.

As we reported, Kim has been doing everything she can to keep things peaceful, but Kanye’s so angry over her relationship with Pete Davidson as well as custody issues, the notion of reaching an out-of-court agreement seems unlikely.

Our sources say Kim and Kanye are hardly speaking to each other and haven’t for quite a while, and that makes reaching an agreement all the more difficult.

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