Kanye West Is Distancing Himself From Politics After "Blexit" Backlash

Aristotle’s worst student, Kanye West, is saying that he’s going to try “distancing” himself from the political world after his recent month-long MAGA tour of dropping by offices to drop insane information, and interrupting the closing of a popular sketch show to rant about the amazingness of Donald Trump, and saying we should get rid of the 13th amendment, and acting insane in the Oval Office, and then being associated with that entire “Blexit” fiasco. Well, apparently those t-shirts were the bridge too far for Kanye’s immense mind, and he is trying to pull a 180 and take it all back.

Kanye sent a series of tweets out yesterday where he tried once more to clarify his political beliefs and to distance himself from BFF Candace Owens’ “Blexit” campaign which tries to get black Americans to stop being Democrats. Kanye is claiming that he was “used to spread messages I don’t believe in” but what he should have tweeted was he was “used to spread messages I don’t have the education or rational intelligence to understand.”

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