Justin Bieber Spotted Crying Amid Selena’s Breakdown

Selena Gomez is doing better.

Thankfully, the most recent update about the Wolves singer’s “emotional breakdown” is a hopeful one.

A source confirmed to UsWeekly Selena “is currently resting and getting treatment for a series of panic attacks related to ongoing medical issues.”

Another insider said Selly had “a couple of tough weeks leading up to” the panic attack that caused her to seek help.

But she’s doing better now; the source continued: 

“She’s definitely improving every day… She could come back soon. She’s not in, like, a 30-, 60-, 90-day program. Her treatment is open-ended.”

For years one of the closest people in Selena’s life was Justin Bieber.

So how is her ex dealing with the news?

Well, he was spotted apparently crying in his car as new bride Hailey Baldwin tried to comfort him.

A source told ET, who obtained the pics, that Justin has been in a state since the news broke Wednesday evening:

“Selena holds a special place in his heart. Justin spent most of the day alone and even took a solo hike to the Wisdom Tree in L.A. to get away and decompress. Justin then went to his church where he was noticeably upset, without Hailey, and was comforted by friends.”

Without Hailey? Huh. That doesn’t sound good…

The source continues:

“Above everything, Justin wants the best for Selena. When the two rekindled their romance, he got to see how her health really affects her, so he understands how serious this is.”

It’s moving how much this is affecting the Biebs. But we have to ask…

If this was your newlywed husband this emotionally involved with his ex, would it bother you?

Maybe we’re reading into it too much…

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