Justin Bieber: Did Katy Perry Shame The Pop Star Into Shaving His Head With This Epic Diss?

New ‘do alert! Justin Bieber chopped off his locks on Oct. 30, but did he cut his hair because he was mocked by Katy Perry on social media?

Justin Bieber, 24, shocked fans on Oct. 30 when he chopped his long locks, and fans were wondering what had prompted him to do so. After taking a closer look at the situation, it looks like Katy Perry, 34, may have played a part in his decision! Just hours before the Biebs hit the barber shop, Katy had made a mocking comment about the pop star’s hair online, saying it “wasn’t” clean. Could Katy’s ice cold comment be what persuaded Justin shave his head?

The comment came after the big burrito ‘mystery’ surrounding the singer. When a man, who appeared to be Justin, was seen in public eating a burrito sideways, the internet lost it. “does….justin bieber not know how… burritos work ?” one fan angrily asked at the time. But – Katy knew all along that the burrito-eating imposter was not actually Justin. When the lookalike stunt was finally revealed as a prank, the singer couldn’t help but sharing her two cents. “I knew it wasn’t the hair was too clean,” Katy commented on an Instagram post, throwing some shade Justin’s way.

While Justin’s shaggy bob is no more, it’s hard to say if it was actually Katy who inspired the switch up. Nevertheless, Katy probably didn’t mean to be shady, she’s actually a big fan of the Biebs! Coincidentally, on Oct. 25, just days before the hair-shaming comment, Katy had paid tribute to Justin on her Instagram. The snapshot showed Katy posing in front of a Bieber poster, and she even paid homage to him in her caption.”teen idol/american idol,” the American Idol judge wrote below the social media post. Very witty, Katy!

The fan consensus surrounding Justin’s new look has been overall positive, after seeing Justin’s grungy side for so many months. In February 2018, HL learned EXCLUSIVELY that Justin was in a hair-growing contest with his friends. Now that his locks are gone, it’s unclear whether he won or lost, but it was about time or a change!

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