John Mayer Clears Up Rumors About The Number Of His Romantic Partners

John Mayer has decided once and for all to put the “number” of his romantic partners to rest, according to reports from Entertainment Tonight.

The topic became the center of attention last week on Mayer’s Instagram Live show Current Mood when the singer revealed to comedian and writer Cazzie David that he had bedded less than 500 people. After seeing the public reaction to his admission, Mayer hosted another episode of the show on Sunday where he provided the exact number in question.

Mayer opened the show by saying, “I made reference to being a sub-500 guy and you guys, I know, listen, it’s a tough world out there and you want people to like you. And I try to do it too. But I feel like people might like you more if you would just go along with what the truth is… I also just wanna say that I thought about it over the week and I actually went back over my entire dating history and… my number is six. So I just wanted you to know that. That my number is six.”

in the previous episode, David asked Mayer to subtly clarify the number of women that he had slept with by blinking twice if he had been with more than 800 and only once if it was more than 500. On both occasions, Mayer stared straight ahead.

After leaving the answer up in the air, Mayer asked David, “What does it say about my expectations that if you find out I’ve slept with less than 500 people, it’s kind of impressive?”

Mayer is well known for having dated some of Hollywood’s most well-known stars, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Mayer paid tribute to his ex Swift’s new album after making what some perceived to be a subtle reference to her during a live performance.

During an interview segment of the show, Mayer was asked about his thought process between his newest single “New Light.” Mayer replied, “I was thinking about reputation.” The audience began to applaud thinking that he meant Swift’s album of the same name, which forced Mayer to respond with, “Not the album, but that’s still fine. That’s a fine piece of work.”

Mayer went on to talk more about “New Light,” saying, “I started thinking to myself, there’s probably a lot of people who would be like, ‘I want nothing to do with that guy,’ but if we could only get stuck in an elevator that 30 minutes later when the fire department came and opened the door… she would have been walking away going, ‘That was nothing like I thought it would be.’”

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