Joe Swash photobombs Stacey Solomon’s Titanic moment in hilarious Insta vid

Stacey Solomon is loved for her hilarious Instagram videos of her dancing, and today was no different, as she mimed along to Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On from the iconic movie Titanic.

In the clip, the Loose Women panellist, 32, could be seen testing out the new “cinematic” setting on her iPhone, which she had marvelled about in an earlier Instagram story.

Wearing a white tank top and grey sweatpants, Stacey’s long red locks blew out behind her as she mimed along dramatically to the song…until her fiancé, Joe Swash, 40, video-bombed her, and appeared behind her looking bemused, as he asked her: “What are you doing”.

With her flow interrupted, she giggled into the camera as she revealed her Dyson hairdryer, which was the source of the wind blowing through her hair.

She captioned the video, writing: "I’m not being funny but if it wasn’t for Joe Swash raining on my parade you wouldn’t know if it was me or Kate Winslet."

In her previous Instagram story, Stacey was impressed at the new “cinematic” camera setting as she took a well-earned break from mum life as she sat on the sofa.

Speaking to the camera, she said: “There’s a new setting on my phone called cinematic, and it makes every video look like a film, look at me, look at this arm."

As she rubbed her arm she said: “It looks like an arm straight out of a famous film – not a horror film, I know what you’re thinking.”

In the caption over the story, she wrote: Does anyone else have this “cinematic” setting? I feel like a film”, before adding, “not a horror film before you say it Wilma [her name for people who troll her]”.

She ended the caption by explaining what the new feature does, writing: “It doesn’t show what you look like just sort of blurs out the background like in films”.

Earlier on today, Stacey revealed that she is set to get married in eight weeks.

While it was known that she was due to marry Joe in the next couple of months, it was the first time she had given a specific inkling of the actual date.

She also showed off her stunning garden and its woods in her £1.2million Essex home, Pickle Cottage, which is where she and TV personality Joe will tie the knot.

The Instagram story video featured different clips of the woods, as birds could be heard tweeting in the background.

She then wrote: “8 weeks to go… the wild woods”, before adding: “I can’t wait to walk through here with the boys & Rose and meet Joe in my wedding dress”.

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