Joe Biden’s Election Day 2020 Post Is A Touching Tribute To Kamala Harris

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has urged people to vote all throughout the campaign, and his message is no different on Nov. 3. This time, though, the call to vote in Joe Biden’s Election Day post comes in the form of a tribute to his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California), and he touched on what her potential impact could be as the next vice president of the United States. As the clock ticks down to the last hours of Election Day, here’s what Biden has to say about why electing Harris is so important for future generations.

Biden’s Instagram post on Election Day had his usual message of urging people to get to the polls, but this time it came wrapped in an even more important message about why voters should cast their ballot with his running mate in mind. In the post shared early Tuesday morning, Biden called Harris a role model for girls, writing, "Vote for her today — the future Vice President of the United States. Vote so that little girls across the country can see themselves and know that they can do it too."

If Harris is elected the next vice president, she would be the first woman to serve as vice president as well as the first Black person and first person of South Asian descent to hold the office. As Biden said in his Instagram post, she would serve as a role model and an example of what’s possible as a new generation comes of age.

In her vice presidential nomination acceptance speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in August, Harris spoke about her vision for a more inclusive America, and how her mother’s values are what inspired her to go into public service in the first place. "She raised us to be proud, strong Black women," Harris said of her mother. "And she raised us to know and be proud of our Indian heritage."

In a tweet on Nov. 3, Biden again touted Harris as a reason why voters should put their trust in the Democratic presidential ticket, saying, "In 2008 and 2012, you placed your trust in me to help lead this country alongside Barack Obama. Today, I’m asking for your trust once again — this time, in Kamala and me. We can heal the soul of this nation — I promise we won’t let you down."

Biden has repeatedly asked voters to make their voice heard throughout his presidential campaign, and he’s also worked to draw a distinction between President Donald Trump and himself. During the final presidential debate on Oct. 22, Biden asked voters to look at the character of both men when voting.

And on Election Day, Biden is also asking voters to look at what it means to have representation for women and people of color in the second highest office of the land.

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