Jodie Comer ‘escorted out of theatre over security fears’ as fan shows ‘worrying behaviour

Killing Eve: Jodie Comer returns in final season teaser

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Jodie Comer was whisked out of the building via a separate exit after admirers gathered at the stage door of her West End play reported “worrying” behaviour to security staff. They told how a man wearing a suit and carrying a bouquet of flowers was causing concern outside of the theatre.

The man appeared to try to get under a shutter leading to the stage door, according to reports.

Afterwards, the CCTV footage was said to have been examined by staff at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London, where Jodie is starring in solo show Prima Facie.

A message on the show’s Instagram account then said “to protect Jodie as much as possible” she will no longer be meeting her fans outside the venue.

Last year, Jodie, who played Villanelle in the BBC TV spy thriller Killing Eve, was targeted with death threats by a stalker in France.

There is no indication this is the same person. 

A fan outside the theatre last Saturday night told The Sun the man seemed “out of place” as the rest of Jodie’s fans were mostly younger girls. 

“He claimed to be from Hungary, but he spoke with a French accent,” they said. 

“He was scrolling through images of Jodie on his phone. A few of the fans standing near him were worried by his behaviour, so they notified security staff.

“About 20 minutes later, the team announced that Jodie wouldn’t be coming out to meet fans, and went to close shutters over the stage door.

“At that point, he appeared to try to get under them and was visibly upset when he couldn’t.”

Last night sources close to Jodie said that following the CCTV footage review, her team were satisfied that the individual was not a threat to her.

They said the change in exit was down to pre-planned refurbishment work at the theatre, and that the meet-and-greets which drew crowds of up to 300 on opening night had been stopped amid Covid concerns.

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The Emmy winner stars as Tessa in the play, a barrister who loves to win, after working her way up from working-class origins to be at the top of her game.

Directed by Justin Martin, the production features set and costume design by Miriam Buether, lighting design by Natasha Chivers, sound design by Ben and Max Ringham, music by Rebecca Lucy Taylor, and video by Willie Williams for Treatment Studio.

Prima Facie is produced by James Bierman for Empire Street Productions, along with Echo Lake Entertainment, Faliro House, Filmnation Entertainment, L.T.D. Productions, and Moudy Al Rashid.

Jodie recently revealed her reasons for giving up a leading role in the Ridley Scott-directed Napoleon. 

“That decision was actually taken out of my hands. The scheduling kept changing, and I was always committed to the play,” she said. 

“So it came to a point where it was impossible to do both. I never got into this for the paycheque. I’m going to grow so much from this experience. 

“Sometimes opportunities present themselves and you’re like, ‘If I say no, it will be purely out of fear’. 

“If I said no to this because I was scared and then they announced another actress, I’d want to punch myself in the face.”

Even though she dropped out of Napoleon, Jodie did at least take a trip into the past alongside Scott for The Last Duel, with her performance as Marguerite de Carrouges being singled out for praise.

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