Jessie James Decker’s Traumatic Childbirth: My Arms Were Strapped Down In Emergency C-Section

In her new book, Jessie James Decker bravely opened up about the difficult experience in having to get an emergency C-section when giving birth to her first child, Vivianne, back in 2014.

Jessie James Decker, 30, wrote about one of the most difficult moments of her life when she opened up about the emergency C-section she had when giving birth to her first child, and it definitely has people talking. In her new tell-all book, Just Jessie, the now mom of three, goes into detail about what it was like when her birth experience with daughter Vivianne, 4, didn’t go as simple as she imagined it would go. “I was unprepared and had this idea of what the delivery was going to be like,” Jessie told US Weekly about the unexpected moment that she included in her book. “I thought my water was going to break on the street. I thought I was going to get to the hospital and push and and plop, she was going to be out. I didn’t know I was going to be in labor for so long and throwing up between every single contraction. The epidural didn’t take. I felt everything.”

Jessie also talked about how when the ordeal was finally over, she wasn’t able to hold Vivianne right away. “My arms were strapped down,” she explained. “I was half-asleep with one eye closed. It was a very traumatic experience.” Despite the trauma, Vivianne’s birth wasn’t the first time she had to have a C-section, but she admitted the one she had with her youngest son, Forrest, now six months old, wasn’t nearly as bad. “I got to hold him in my arms and nurse him as I was being pushed out of the surgery room,” she happily explained. “I was like, ‘I’m allowed to hold him? You’re not gonna take him away from me?’”

Although Jessie admitted it was tough to relive some of her birth experiences in her book, she’s content with her family and life now. In addition to Vivianne and Forrest, Jessie and her husband Eric Decker, , have middle child Eric Jr., 3, and have no plans to expand their brood anytime soon. “Having three toddlers running around is just so much fun,” Jessie gushed about her time with Eric and her kids. “Even when there’s not, we just love to lay there and look at each other, and just think about the first time we met seven years ago. We just feel so fortunate.”

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