Jermaine Dupri Says Super Bowl Boycott Seems Ineffective

Jermaine Dupri is of the opinion that boycotting the Super Bowl in Atlanta, in support of embattled former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and to silently protest systematic racism and police brutality will be ineffective.

Speaking to TMZ Sports on Monday, Dupri said he feels that celebrities should not boycott the event altogether, but instead use their platforms to have these discussions.

“Boycotts and marches don’t seem like they work to me, I’m sorry. I think they should send a message while they’re onstage, take advantage of your platform,” Dupri said. “Taking advantage of your platform is to not do the Super Bowl as well,” he added.

“The more people speak on it, the more they talk about it, then the more it’s something people feel like they have to address,” he said.

Dupri said that if Rihanna took to the Super Bowl stage and sent a politically charged message, her move might have more impact in the long run. “I feel like people ignore boycotts,” he said. Rihanna, Cardi B and Amy Schumer are among the stars who have decided to stay away from the Super Bowl in support of Colin Kaepernick.

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