Jeremy Clarkson addresses ‘terrible’ situation at home with girlfriend ‘We cannot agree’

Jeremy Clarkson says social media ‘can be really dangerous’

Jeremy Clarkson, 60, has shared a rare insight into his home life, as he admitted he often gets overruled by his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 46, and her 18-year-old daughter, Ali. The former Top Gear presenter shared his frustrations, as he has been staying at home more often in recent months due to the third coronavirus lockdown.

Jeremy got onto the subject while discussing self-rule, which allows a country, part of a country, or a nation to choose its own government and control its own activities.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? presenter addressed the act amid reports that Nicola Sturgeon may decide to vote on Scottish independence by Christmas this year.

However, Jeremy insisted that self-rule would not work in his own house, as the trio “cannot even agree on what to have for supper”.

The star divulged: “What about self-rule in my own house? Ha. 

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“That definitely wouldn’t work, because although there are only three of us here, we cannot even agree on what to have for supper. 

“Last night the two others formed themselves into a government, poured bird food into a frying pan and ate that, while deciding whether to watch a ‘hilarious’ Hollywood blockbuster about some divorced middle-aged idiot who’s trying to pick up young women, or something with a dead labrador in it.”

Jeremy went on to describe his home life with Lisa and Ali as a “mad and gluten-free world”.

He added: “It’s like living in a mad and gluten-free world of primary coloured romcoms and yoga — and it’s terrible. 


“I’d rather Derek Hatton were in charge.”

Jeremy continued: “Recently, I started to think that, actually, I wanted to take self-rule to its ultimate conclusion and declare myself an independent state. 

“But I’m not sure that even this would work, as my stomach wants a chocolate biscuit and my heart really doesn’t, while my head wants another glass of wine, but my liver is very prissy and woke on the matter. 

“I’m therefore a one-man war zone,” he quipped in his latest column for The Sunday Times.

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The TV personality, who is reportedly worth £44million, bought his Diddly Squat Farm estate, located near Chadlington in west Oxfordshire, back in 2009.

Jeremy has been giving fans updates on his new property in his columns and revealed an expert said his farmhouse purchase was on “the s****iest land he’d ever seen”.

The Grand Tour presenter bought the 312 acre site before blowing up the farmhouse to entertain viewers of his Amazon Prime show The Grand Tour, which he co-hosts with Richard Hammond and James May.

Despite the pandemic slowing down the production of his new show, I Bought The Farm, Jeremy is using the time to build a new 12,173-foot property.

It is reportedly set to include an orangery, basement cinema and horse yard.

Last summer, the car expert shared an insight into life on his farm, saying: “One of the nicest things about lockdown was the peace and quiet.

“You could actually hear the birds singing and the breeze rustling in the trees. But not any more, because Biggles is back.”

However, he went on: “I am currently filming a TV show on my farm in Oxfordshire and we have to down tools whenever there’s a light aircraft overhead. 

“The noise makes editing impossible,” the star explained to The Sun.

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