Jenny Ryan: ITV star calls out Great British Bake Off 2020 for ‘setting up bakers to fail’

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The Chase star Jenny Ryan, 38, seems to be an avid watched of the Great British Bake Off, but this year she felt the judging is a lot harsher for contestants. In an online “whinge” on Twitter, The Vixen revealed her thoughts on the technical tasks, believing the bakers should at least be given “five minutes” to read the instructions before they begin as they are “virtually impossible” to perfect.

I appreciate they’re meant to be challenging, but this series they have been virtually impossible and only set up the bakers to fail

Jenny Ryan

The semi-finals of GBBO took place on Tuesday evening, with Peter Sawkins, who was crowned Star Baker, Dave Friday and Laura Adlington all making it through to the final next week.

But Jenny had a few questions.

“What’s the point of the technical anymore?” she wrote.

“I appreciate they’re meant to be challenging, but this series they have been virtually impossible and only set up the bakers to fail.

“The technical was originally there to be hard, but as much a chance for the bakers to shine as the signature and showstopper.

“How could anyone shine when asked to make something super obscure and difficult, with limited instructions and no reference image? #GBBO #whinge.”

It seems some fans agreed with the quiz genius, adding their recommendations for the hit Channel 4 show.

“I’d love to see them do some more basic challenges that can do really well rather than then getting harder and weirder,” one said.

“Agreed. It’s pointless if they only win because their technical was the ‘least rubbish,'” noted another.

A third concurred: “I said the same thing what’s the point making it so hard it seems unnecessary.”

“A photo would help contestants,” a fourth suggested.

Meanwhile someone else joked: “No failures for me I’d eat them all!”

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Elsewhere on her own show, Jenny left contestants in hysterics with a savage putdown to ITV host Bradley Walsh.

The brutal swipe came during the first round of The Chase when The Vixen and one of the players were asked about the first British act to reach Number One in the UK.

Bradley asked: “Who had the first album by a British act to reach Number One in the UK?”

The three options to choose from were A, Tommy Steele, B, Adam Faith, or C, Cliff Richard.

Player Elizabeth had chosen to go for Cliff Richard, noting she “could be wrong” when Bradley revealed her answer.

It’s got to be Tommy Steele, surely,” the host said as they waited for the answer to be revealed.

The Chaser got the correct answer but noted it was a “tough question,” with adding Bradley: “I knew it!”

“Well, you’re old enough to have bought it,” Jenny joked, leaving him lost for words.

Unamused, Bradley stared straight down the cameras as Jenny let out a laugh.

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV and the GBBO final airs next Tuesday at 8pm.

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