Jeffree Star Says He Supports Nonbinary People, But Labels Are Silly

Jeffree Star is following up on his controversial remarks about people using they/them pronouns — telling us he has no beef with nonbinary people, but he is accusing them of going overboard with labels.

We got the makeup guru Thursday at LAX, where he stood by the comments that got a lot of folks heated. He’s fully aware of the brewing controversy, but insists it had to be said … and, even further, he says he’s the perfect messenger.

For those unaware, Jeffree recently got candid about people who use the gender-neutral pronouns they/them … calling it “stupid” and some “bulls***” made up when Americans got bored during the pandemic.

While some saw it as a brutal, hate-filled statement … Jeffree thinks people missed his point altogether. He tells us he recognizes nonbinary people are out there, and respects anyone’s labels, but doesn’t think he should be put on blast for speaking his mind.

FYI — Jeffree got dragged online after his comments went viral, but for what it’s worth, he also says he’s gotten droves of people thanking him for speaking up. He says he’s benefitting from the current backlash against so-called “cancel culture.”

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