Jason Miller files $100M defamation suit against Gizmodo Media Group

Former White House communications director Jason Miller has filed a $100 million defamation suit against Gizmodo Media Group, successor to Gawker and the parent company of Splinter News, over a story on the ongoing custody battle between Miller and his ex-lover A.J. Delgado over their baby William.

The Splinter story reported on allegations made by Delgado in a Florida family court.

The former CNN contributor claims that Delgado carried out a “nefarious plot to destroy [him] with fabricated court filings.”

“Within twenty-four hours and without a scintilla of proof, the plot succeeded,” the lawsuit in Miami federal court says. “The false accusations ended Miller’s relationship with CNN and put his entire career in serious jeopardy.

“Millions of people read about how Miller tried to kill a woman, killed her unborn child, and beat another woman — none of which actually happened. And as planned, everyone rushed to judgment. Miller’s life as he knew it was over.”

A spokesman for Gizmodo, a subsidiary of Univision, told me, “GMG stands by its reporting and its reporter.”

Splinter managing editor Katherine Krueger, who penned the article, is also named in the suit.

The woman described in Delgado’s family court filings, identified in Miller’s complaint as “Jane Doe,” gave Miller’s lawyers a sworn statement that she never stripped in Orlando, Fla., never met Miller, and was never given a poisoned smoothie that caused a miscarriage.

Miller, who has already paid $110,000 in Delgado’s legal fees, immediately demanded that Gizmodo retract the story, but the Web site refused. Miller is demanding a jury trial.

Weeks after Delgado learned she was pregnant, Miller’s wife, Kelly, gave birth to their second child.

Delgado, who worked with Miller on the Trump presidential campaign, did not respond to my requests for comment.

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