Janet McTeer nationality: Where is Helen Pierce Ozark star Janet McTeer from?

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Ozark saw an explosion of popularity in 2020 as season three was released on Netflix amid the global lockdown. The show saw the waning fortunes of the Byrde family as they tried to keep their heads above water and meet the demands of the Navarro Cartel. Season three saw the return of the cartel’s legal representative Helen Pierce (played by Janet McTeer), who had quite the arc, to say the least.

Where is Helen Pierce Ozark star Janet McTeer from?

Ozark fans are curious to know more about McTeer away from the show including where she is from.

Although McTeer portrays an American character in Ozark, she is British.

McTeer was born in Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne in England and grew up in York.

She started her acting after working at a theatre in York and falling in love with the magic of performance.

At first, McTeer began performing with local theatre groups before training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then going on to a successful theatre career.

McTeer told the Los Angeles Times in 1999 about being a British star: “When you’re a young English person who wants to be an actress and you have dreams, you dream of being Vanessa Redgrave or Judi Dench.”

She admitted she had been inspired by both these acting heavyweights when pursuing her own career.

Like so many other actors from the UK, she has managed to break into America and has played many characters both on film and television.

A British actor playing an American seems to come naturally for McTeer, who has dominated across stage and screen.

Among her American roles have been TV series Sorry For Your Loss, Jessica Jones and the Divergent film franchise.

She has been nominated for countless awards including two Oscars for her performance in Tumbleweeds and later in Albert Nobbs opposite Glenn Close.

McTeer has walked away with a Golden Globe in the past as well as a Tony Award and an Olivier, among many other accolades during her career.

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She lives in Maine with her American husband and fashion consultant Joseph Coleman in a remote location in Harpswell.

McTeer relocated from London to the States in 2009, which is Coleman’s home state.

Reflecting about her home in Maine, McTeer said: “Ever since I was young, I always knew I’d have to have a place to escape to, even if it was just for a walk in the countryside.

“I get very claustrophobic in towns after a while. I love the pace. I love the culture. I love the fashion. I love the coffee. I love the lipstick. I love the people. I love it all.

“It’s so inspiring and fulfilling and energizing — and then I just get too much. Then I like to be in nature.”

McTeer said the remoteness of her home meant it was easier for her to get into character and revealed she spent time learning lines for Hamlet in her peaceful surroundings.

The space gave her the chance to say her lines and get to know her characters as she walked in their shoes while preparing for a part.

Despite living in America, McTeer has professed her love of English history, telling the New York Times earlier this year how it was “one of my favorite [sic] subjects” when she was at school.

She also hailed writers Alison Weir and Booker Prize-winning author Hilary Mantel for their works on the history of England.

McTeer has also previously said how she “grew up breathing Shakespeare” and the importance of words to her in a world where human expression becomes shorter due to technology.

Ozark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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