Jana Kramer Says Seeing Mike Caussin For First Time After Divorce Filing Broke Her: 'This Isn't Real'

We really feel for Jana Kramer as she continues to go through her divorce from Mike Caussin

The former One Tree Hill star is really struggling right now, as to be expected. And now, in a new episode of her now-solo Whine Down podcast this week, she opened up and explained to fans exactly how much she’s been grappling with the fracturing of her family.

Speaking candidly in the second taping since she announced the divorce, the country crooner admitted:

“Divorce sucks. It’s a really awful feeling, I hate it, I didn’t want this … I have a lot of resentment because of how things are going and it’s making me just angry, which I think I need to have a piece of angry so that way I don’t get too sad. I made the right decision, but I am starting to feel a little too much … I feel like someone is just take, take, take, taking. You took everything. You took my family away from me. That’s where I’m stuck right now at being angry.”

Whoa! Those are some serious words. And we totally get it!

She’s been put through the ringer with her estranged husband’s cheating scandals and controversies. We can’t even imagine how we’d feel!

Speaking to her guest on the show — life coach Cherie Healey — the Michigan native went on to describe how Mike hasn’t yet moved into his new place.

That’s created some tough moments for Jana and the couple’s kids, 5-year-old daughter Jolie, and 2-year-old son Jace, as she explained:

“He hasn’t moved into his new place, so I let him come and see the kids, obviously. And then I went out there, but then I got struck with this emotion, like, this isn’t real. I’m not ready to do this yet. I would have loved to have done this, but I’m still mad … I would love to do that, but I gotta go to the room. I can’t do this right now.”

Wow. Tough times! And it sucks, because there’s little to do at this point than just try her best to get through it.

Kramer was remarkably candid with Healey about her mindset, too, and admitted that she is worried about resenting him for the rest of her life:

“ I’m going to resent him for the rest of my life for breaking up our family, and that seems so heavy to carry. I was dreaming that was always something that it wasn’t. I don’t know if that image is actually real. It was real in my dreams. It’s real that I made it up that it was this happy family. That’s what I’m losing, this idea of what I’ve dreamt and prayed and fought for.”

She’s never been afraid to lay it all out there for her fans, that’s for sure.

But jeez, we really feel for the young mom as she takes on the toughest test of her life at this point. And coming off Mother’s Day weekend, no less…

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sending all our love to Jana and especially the couple’s kids during this tough time!

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