James Middleton has started a new freeze-dried-raw dog food company

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James Middleton spent years trying and failing to grow his marshmallow company Boomf. For years, he was gathering up shady “investors” and raising millions of pounds to expand Boomf and/or keep it running. Even James’ brother-in-law, Terribly Moderately Wealthy James Matthews, had to throw some money at Boomf (almost like some kind of reverse-dowry). And yet every year, Boomf lost money. A few years ago, James stepped back from working full-time at Boomf, and while I suspected at the time that the company had shuttered, I think it was still limping along, occasionally making Nazi marshmallows on-demand, while James worked on his brother-in-law’s Scottish estate as some kind of tour guide. I would love some clarification on just what James has been doing, career-wise, for the past three years, but here we are. It now looks like James is starting a NEW business: dog food.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother loves his dogs so much he has now set up a business dedicated to their welfare. James Middleton, who looks after nine dogs, has founded Ella & Co, a happiness and wellbeing company for canines — and I can reveal that his first product is a new type of pet food.

Middleton has previously credited his furry friends with playing a ‘vital role’ in helping him get out of depression — and also helping him find love. His spaniel, Ella, bounded over to Alizee Thevenet, a French financial expert who went on to become his fiancee. Now to return the favour, James has spent a year developing yummy canine grub in consultation with vets and nutritionists.

‘The food category is ‘Freeze-Dried Raw’,’ he tells me. ‘This means it’s raw food, as it hasn’t been cooked (which removes natural nutrients), but it doesn’t have to be kept in the freezer. It’s room temperature stable so it’s very convenient. The best thing you can do for your dog is feed them the best possible diet,’ he adds. ‘Dry and canned food just lack natural nutrients and are highly processed. Raw feeding is fantastic, but it’s a hassle keeping it frozen and defrosting every day.

‘Freeze drying takes the best of both worlds; it has the benefit of being raw, but the convenience of a dry kibble you can just scoop and serve. All of my dogs love the food and helped in the development of the recipes. It’s available online at ella.co with a subscription, meaning we will keep you topped up with food without having to go to the shops.’

The ingredients include chicken (including heart and livers), cranberries, carrots and fish oil.

‘Dogs give us so much, and feeding them the healthiest diet is the best way to give back to them,’ adds Middleton. ‘So, for the price of a coffee, you can feed them human-grade ingredients with all the meat sourced from UK farms delivered to your door and no need for freezing, defrosting or excess packaging.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s so nice of the Daily Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare to give James Middleton a free advertisement in his column. Methinks there was some kind of tit-for-tat with the Middletons/Cambridges for this free promotion. I wonder how Sebastian Shakespeare will collect? Perhaps Willileaks will give Shakespeare some very special dirt on Harry & Meghan. As for James’ new dog food business… this one at least makes more sense than “fancy marshmallows.” But… James is still James and everyone knows that he’ll run this business into the ground very quickly. I just hope Pippa’s husband hasn’t invested too much into it.

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