‘It looks boring!’ Nina Wadia shares Strictly Come Dancing moment she’s ‘dreading’

Strictly Come Dancing: Celebrity revealed as Eastenders' Nina Wadia

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Nina Wadia is heading to the Strictly dance floor tonight as she takes part in the latest series of the hit competition. However, the star has opened up to Express.co.uk and other media about the moment she’s dreading on the show.

Nina is best known for her roles on EastEnders and Death in Paradise.

Therefore, heading to the Strictly dance floor will mark a big change for the actress.

Opening up ahead of the launch, Nina has shared how she’ll be nervous about one moment in particular.

Asked what she was “dreading”, she said: “The Waltz.

“It looks boring. And it’s holding that neck up and the head up.

“It just looks painful! So I’m not looking forward to the Waltz.”

Nina then admitted she’s much more excited about the other dances on the show.

She continued: “Yes, I definitely want to do more Latin.”

Nina also opened up about her nerves heading into the series as well.

She was announced as a contestant when she appeared on daytime programme Lorraine.

However, the actress admitted that after it was announced, she thought she was going to be “sick”.

Nina shared her worries about becoming “strictlyfied” on the show.

She said: “I hate it. I’m very much a T-shirt and jeans girl.

“I do get dressed up for things I have to do, if I make TV appearances or if the character I play in, something demands it.

“For example, when I played Zainab in EastEnders I was like, ‘Don’t worry about hair and make-up, just make Zainab as plain as possible’ because I don’t like sitting in the make-up chair for too long.

“I don’t like people pulling on my hair and shiny things just scratch me and irritate me.”

“So this is the best show for me to be on isn’t it, really?”

Elsewhere, Nina has been hard at work as training for the show has begun.

She’s been keeping her fans updated on her progress on her social media.

Nina posted an image of her feet soaking in a bowl of ice water.

Alongside this, she penned: “A much needed ice bath for my feet!”

The soap star completed her post with the tags #strictlycomedancing #dancingonice #literally @bbcstrictly.

Strictly Come Dancing launches tonight on BBC One.

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