Inside The Relationship Of Michael Blackson And Rada

Featured on VH1’s Couples Retreat, Ghanaian comedian Michael Blackson and model girlfriend Rada are revealing all the raw truths of their two-year relationship. With a new episode set for April 5, we thought we’d take a closer look at the couple’s tumultuous story. Between a highly-publicized breakup and a tendency to share every last detail on Instagram, it’s no wonder fans can’t get enough of them.

Embarking on a week-long trip to take on their relationship battles, Blackson and Rada’s appearance on Couples Retreat is marked by fear of judgment for being an interracial couple, per Variety. Blackson is fiercely proud of being Ghanaian, and Rada recently revealed her Cambodian heritage (via SOHH), making them a couple that brings two distinct cultures to the table. Apart from where they’re from, their professional lives couldn’t be more different either.

Comedian Blackson is known as “The African King of Comedy” (via World Celebs) and now stars in Hollywood movies like Coming 2 America , but his journey to fame wasn’t easy. The performer moved to Philadelphia from Ghana in 1987, starting off at comedy clubs in 1992 until he was noticed by Ice Cube. The rapper gave him a role in his 2000 movie Next Friday, and the rest was history. On the opposite side of the spectrum, girlfriend Rada is a real estate agent and model with some involvement in the CBD business, and with 175k Instagram followers, her fame is only growing.

All about the couple's on-and-off relationship

Although not much is known about how exactly Blackson and Rada’s relationship got started, a Valentine’s Day Instagram post shows they’ve been together for over two years. Plus, according to Global Hip Hop, Rada captioned a since-deleted photo with “I’m glad we both swiped right,” hinting that the pair met on a dating app.

Early July 2020, Rada made their relationship Instagram official, posting a pool photo of the pair with the caption “Every entanglement begins with a #kysse.” The new relationship became the subject of reporting, and fans of the couple were shocked when Blackson and Rada broke up later that same month.

According to SOHH, Rada posted an IG photo late July 2020 with the caption “Gotta learn how to swipe right again…” signaling to her fans she was back in the dating game. Deleting all the couple’s pictures together, the decision seemed final — that is, until publicly teasing they were getting back together just one week later. It seems like the pair just can’t live without each other, whether that’s hanging in the sun, chilling with pals 50 Cent and girlfriend Cuban Link, or posting selfies with roll-on-floor-laughing captions on IG.

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