Ingraham: Trumpism 'Is Now the Undeniable Core' of the GOP (Video)

“We ain’t never going back to the Bush-Cheney style of Republicanism”

On a new episode of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News Monday night, Laura Ingraham celebrated how “our movement” has taken over the Republican Party from establishment conservatives, who don’t publicly embrace conspiracy theories. She referred to this as “the GOP’s great reset.”

“Weeks ago the Angle warned Pelosi and company that impeachment would only help Trump, but they listened to the crazies instead. Now the second impeachment fiasco was a total disaster for the Democrats. Trump was acquitted, exactly zero minds were changed, and nothing was accomplished except Donald Trump emerged stronger and the Congress weaker,” Ingraham railed.

“Now a recent poll conducted by the liberal-leaning website Vox made two important findings: One, that 69% of Republican voters are less likely to back a candidate who voted to convict Trump, and number two, 70% of likely GOP voters say they want to see Trump run again in 2024.”

That poll was conducted before Trump’s second impeachment trial began, a data point Ingraham left out of her citation.

She went on.

“Now the Democrats are going to have to try to govern at this point, right, with impeachment behind them? Which they’ve proven themselves to be supremely bad at doing. Now after all, if they could govern, Americans wouldn’t be fleeing places like New York and California. The Democrats are relying on both Trump’s presence and virus panic as shields to cover their ongoing destruction to our economy, our borders and our foreign policy,” Ingraham said, before delivering a vague warning about the dangers of the Democrats.

“But after only one month in office, can you believe it’s only been a month, the veil or face mask is off. And more Americans are seeing exactly who the Democrats are and what they intend to do to America.”

And then Ingraham laid down her thesis, that Trump and his supporters now define the Republican Party.

“This development presents a clear opening for the GOP. Ten years after the Tea Party movement reared up against the Democrats and the old GOP establishment, a populist America First movement is now the undeniable core of the Republican Party,” Ingraham said.

“So no matter how often Jeff Flake or the sleazy Lincoln Project grifters appear on MSNBC, we ain’t never going back to the Bush-Cheney style of Republicanism. No more support for open borders, no more blank checks for endless wars, no more putting China and multinational corporations first — never again. That version of the GOP is finished.”

On Jan. 6, thousands of Trump supporters — the likes of which Ingraham says make up the new core of the Republican Party — descended on Washington and staged an insurrection against the government by invading and occupying the U.S. Capitol building.

You can watch the quoted portion of Monday’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News in the video embedded up at the top of this article.

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