‘I’m in trouble!’ Carol Kirkwood addresses reaction to BBC Breakfast ‘doggers’ mishap

Carol Kirkwood suffers technical blunder during weather forecast

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Carol Kirkwood, 58, took a look back at some of her funny moments on BBC Breakfast when things have all gone wrong and left her, the studio team and viewers watching at home in hysterics. One memorable one that will remain in many fan’s minds for years to come, is when she mistakingly announced she and her cameraman had been “watching doggers all morning” while reporting on location from Greenwich Park.

Someone barked in my ear, ‘We’re on the charts!’ and I thought, ‘Oh, I’m in trouble!

Carol Kirkwood

Chatting with BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin and Olympian Annie Emmerson, Carol cringed at the incident that got her into “trouble” with BBC bosses.

“This was a horrendous one,” she winced, recalling being left completely mortified during the live report.

“I was in Greenwich park and I was with a different cameraman who wanted to rehearse what I was going to say during my spiel before the weather.”

She explained that she usually needs to think carefully about what she says before beginning the forecast, as the script must be full of keywords so the cameraman knowns when to turn the camera slightly for the graphics to appear on-screen.

“So, I was thinking I need to say, ‘This is a fabulous view from Greenwich Park and we’ve been watching people walking their dogs and joggers all morning,'” Carol remembered her short intro.

“We did that, we rehearsed the move and we did it again all perfectly, cameraman super, did his job.”

But things soon took a turn for the worst.

The presenter giggled: “During the live, I came out with, ‘Good morning, well, we’ve been watching doggers all morning in Greenwich Park!’

“And then I said, ‘Not doggers!’ – so I said it again!”

Carol held her head in her hands as the hosts burst out into uncontrollable laughter, with Louise remembering the moment very clearly.

The weather presenter continued: “There was a security guard with us and he was literally doubled over and the cameraman was straight.

“Someone barked in my ear, ‘We’re on the charts!’ and I thought, ‘Oh, I’m in trouble!'”

She admitted: “I was trying not to get the giggles in the middle of it. It went around the world! The shame!”

Following on from the hilarious moment, Carol took to Twitter to apologise for the slip-up.

She told her 181,700 followers: “That will teach me to try and say joggers and dog walkers in the same sentence!!! Sorry! xxx.”

Her BBC Breakfast co-star Dan Walker was quick to reply, insisting no one would have noticed.

He tweeted: “Reasons to love Carol number 472 #Joggers.

“Recovered like a pro. I don’t think anyone even noticed #BBCBreakfast.”

Fans also rushed to share their love for Carol with one sharing: “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU.”

Another posted: “That was brilliant. How did you keep a straight face? I’d have lost it.”

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