Idaho Murder Suspect on Suicide Watch in Jail, Didn't Cause Issues

The Idaho murder suspect has been placed on suicide watch while behind bars, but his time behind bars has been uneventful … despite reports to the contrary.

Garry Haidle — the warden of Monroe County Jail in Pennsylvania, where Bryan Kohberger has been held since his arrest on Dec. 30 — says the 28-year-old criminology student was put on suicide watch from day 1 … but it’s not because they thought he’d take his own life.

Haidle says it’s actually standard operating procedure for high-security inmates who face serious charges like the ones Kohberger is up against — four counts of first-degree murder.

monroe county correctional facility

With that said, the warden notes that Kohberger’s stay with them was “uneventful” … and wouldn’t elaborate further. Still, it sounds like Monroe County is shooting down any notion that Kohberger was acting out.

There’ve been reports suggesting Kohberger was taunting guards, threatening to cut/urinate on people, exposing himself, and even rapping violent lyrics.

Former Monroe County inmate Valerie Cipollina told the Daily Mail she was placed in a cell close to Kohberger when he was first brought in. She also claimed Kohberger was saying he didn’t care what happened to him.

But, the warden seems to be saying that’s not what was happening. If anything, he makes it seem like nothing was out of the ordinary while Kohberger was there — which jibes with what his defense attorney told us. Jason LaBar says his client has remained even-keeled through all this … but did say Kohberger thinks he’ll ultimately be exonerated.

Kohberger was seen in person for the first time Tuesday, where he was hauled into an extradition hearing in front of a judge. He’s expected not to put up a fight against Idaho law enforcement officials to have shipped across state lines to answer for the charges.

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