Huw Edwards admits he’s ‘terrified’ ahead of ‘daunting’ Coronation

Huw Edwards discusses King’s coronation at RTS Awards

No Royal event would be the same without the dulcet tones of Huw Edwards effortlessly guiding us through the proceedings. Thankfully, the King’s Coronation is no exception, as Huw is set to take the helm and lead the BBC’s coverage of this historic event.

But despite his extensive experience in live TV and nightly news broadcasting, Huw has revealed that he is already feeling nervous.

The 61-year-old said: “The scale of the event is daunting, because the more homework you do, the more that you watch the groundbreaking 1953 coverage of the Coronation, which I have done at least half a dozen times, you understand today’s scale is bigger than people realise.

“Even when the Palace talks about downsizing, it’s still an event of global interest, not only for the Commonwealth but further afield,” he told Radio Times.

Huw Edwards, alongside broadcasting legend Kirsty Young, will cover the lead-up to the ceremony in Westminster Abbey and the return procession to Buckingham Palace.

The presenters will wrap things up with the King’s balcony appearance where all working senior members of the Royal Family are set to appear.

But there is one name missing from the BBC lineup for this event.

David Dimbleby, who Huw described as a “gold-plated Rolls-Royce broadcaster”, won’t be making an appearance despite coming out of retirement for the Queen’s funeral procession last year.

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The decision has disappointed some given that his father, Richard Dimbley, commentated on Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1953.

But when asked, Huw went on to say: “His commentary stands the test of time…He was on air straight away explaining what was going on. Which is a tough gig. It’s a different challenge to the one that I have.”

Huw also touched upon a recent YouGov poll commissioned by Panorama where 78 percent of over-65’s were more likely to support the monarchy but within the 18-24-year-old category, only 32 percent backed the monarchy and 38 percent stated they’d prefer an elected head of state.

He said: “Well, it’s very difficult to draw broad conclusions from such a diverse group. Some will be watching with their families, or on social media, or just out of curiosity. There is a lot of money going into coverage on social media, which is absolutely right. The BBC would be crazy not to invest in those platforms.”

And then there’s the royal drama, which Huw claims not to be in a position to comment on. He is instead preferring to concentrate on getting the facts right such as sharing with the public the names of the guests arriving and informing viewers of all the interests and charities that the Prince’s Trust has represented as well as guiding viewers on what’s happening and why.

So what is keeping Huw up at night? Well, he’s said: “My big concern is to help people enjoy and understand what’s going on. Because you know I’m Welsh, and therefore always concerned.”

Huw and Kirsty can be seen on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC iPlayer from 7.30am on May 6.

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